Naperville Corporate Headshots

When you run a company, do not underestimate how important your branding is. Most companies realize this and have a cohesive and clear look on their websites and marketing materials. They know their colors and overall marketing look. But so many times, they don’t think about the importance of cohesive headshots posted in their About pages.  Having some with a white background, others outside, and others looking like a selfie do not make a company look professional.  And if you are a professional, please do NOT have a cell phone pic of you at a bar or theme park as your professional picture.

Pictures are the first introduction to potential clients, and don’t think for a second you aren’t judged based on your pictures. When picking a doctor, people wonder, “do they look like a jerk?”  When selecting a contractor – “Can I trust this person?” And when selecting a lawyer, “Do they look like they can get the job done?”

The psychology behind a good headshot is real. Most humans respond visually. We all make snap judgments. That is why they say first impressions are everything. So for this law firm, we needed to show professionalism and confidence. We also did a variety of poses, allowing for tighter headshots as well as a more contemporary pulled back look for everyone.

Naperville photographer


Everyone did a pose that reflected them as well as the traditional headshot like the below. And just because it is “traditional” doesn’t mean boring.

Downers Grove headshot photographer


When selecting backgrounds for headshot, grey is always a safe bet.

Burr Ridge photographer


By having me come on site, we were able to do the whole office in a day and provide a consistent look.

Oswego photographer


The law firm of Pellis Law Group is actually owned and run by a couple whom I did their daughter’s senior pictures. It is funny how things circle around.

Wheaton headshot photographer

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