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If you follow my work, you know I love a bit of whimsy, a bit of magic, a bit of fantasy. So when a client contacted me and said she wanted her kids to wear costumes, I was all for it. Her two girls wore their fairy costumes, while the boys were sort of medieval. We just spent a day playing around outside. Back when it was warm…back before COVID.

I brought my swing and let the siblings push each other around. Since the baby brother was too little to be on the swing unaccompanied, his big brother helped him out.

downers grove photographer

But the sisters were of an age to play and take turns swinging and pushing each other. Then we continued on our adventure and found this perfect little spot.

Wheaton photographer

Aren’t they adorable? Continuing on our adventure, we did lots of things, including some great individual pictures that showed their different personalities.

Big brother loved his hooded cape.

Oswego photographer

While big brother liked being a cool guy, his sister wanted to be with her winged friends.

Elmhurst photographer

Baby brother was simply all smiles and enjoyed playing in the grass with the flowers.

Naperville baby photographer

And I can’t leave out the youngest sister who was so full of mischief. Don’t let this sweet picture fool you. I know she is the trouble maker of this bunch. LOL

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