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I love this family. I have known them for years and loved doing their oldest son’s senior pictures. So when they asked me to photograph their younger son, how could I resist? This Neuqua Valley High School senior is totally different from his older brother, so we had to think of something that fit his personality.

Moms ask me all the time what their senior should wear. Girls tend to have plenty of ideas, but sometimes people struggle with boys. Do not think that a suit is old fashioned. There is certainly nothing old fashioned about a stylish guy in a suit. I loved all these!

For this image, there is a bit of a gully, bt he was able to walk out on this fallen log which acted as a bridge. He is probably 5 feet off the ground here.

Naperville photographer

The parents and I love our dramatic images, but we also got plenty of him smiling and just being himself.

Plainfield senior photographer

The Suit Makes the Man

Seriously, when he put the jacket on, I knew I wanted to do something dramatic, something you’d see in a magazine. I love this one! See what can be done by using lights in interesting ways? You can make the day turn to night (done in camera, not in editing).

Oakbrook photographer

He also got to be a little more natural in the jacket.

Burr Ridge senior photographer

He did also change into this beautiful green for a couple of pictures. Just leaning against a tree can still and always be a good picture.

Chicago senior photographer

Diving Right In

Ok, so I always ask seniors about their activities and interests. For this senior, he gave me a challenge. The opportunity to do something I’ve never done before. So he LOVES scuba diving. My initial creation is actually currently being used in print competition, so I will share that after judging. But not only did he want a scuba picture, but what he really loves is cave diving! This was quite the group effort to make this image happen.

scuba diver
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