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Some families live near each other and see each other all the time. Some families span across the country, across the world even. Some families get together all the time, while some get together only for special occasions. When you are having the whole family together, why not carve out an hour or so for some portraits, too? I don’t know about you, but my memory is tied to pictures. When I think back on when my kids were little, the memories are clearer if there are pictures to look back on to ignite the memories.

Downers Grove photographer


And as kids age, they remember things based on the pictures, too. For this lovely family, they will look back on these and remember how much the baby cried. LOL  Or how much the boys were laughing and running around. They look back on these and remember me making them say silly things to get them smiling naturally.

Burr Ridge photographer


They will look back and remember pausing for the golfers to play through in the distance (the backyard backed up to the golf course). They will look at these and feel closeness. Maybe they will remember the feelings most – of love and family.

St Charles photographer


These families carved out a little time during their get together to just go out in their beautiful back yard before going back in to eat. It made it so easy for people to just go in and out of the house as I photographed the smaller groups and individuals. I wanted to put this one of the grandparents up since they are responsible for this brood. I love this picture of them.

Burr Ridge photographer


But it is the group images of the extended family that will always be the most treasured.  These cousins have since grown and changed. Time has past. Everyone is a few years older.  Don’t let time slip away or think “maybe next time” or “I just need to lose a little more weight”, etc.  There are no guarantees in life. Don’t waste the time we have.

Plainfield photographer


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