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I do a ton of professional headshots every year, mostly for business purposes. Some are past family clients, some find me on Google, others through word of mouth. But being a Naperville photographer, there is plenty of need for professional headshots.

If you own a business, you MUST have a headshot that reflects your business. If you are an executive, you should definitely have one that is professional.

Below is a sampling of some headshots. I’m still stuck back in 2019 sessions and digging through them, so I simply grabbed a single image from each of their sessions.

So let’s start with a traditional corporate headshot. Dark grey background. Still a great picture, but this sort is great for the more traditional industries.

Naperville headshot photographer

Here is another traditional one.

Wheaton headshot photographer

Now, you can stick with dark grey and formal, but give it a bit of a modern twist by changing the crop, like this one.

Oswego headshot photographer

Now, not every industry needs to be so formal. By going outside, we get a little more casual and personal.

Burr RIdge headshot photographer

Or if you need to represent your company, we can always go on location. This was a great sign on one of their walls.

Luxe skin spa

And for this famous author, it was a joy to work with her for a new book jacket image.

Susan E Phillips

So the next time you need to update your headshot, we hope you consider Firefly Nights Photography!

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