Naperville Senior Photographer

What could be more honoring than when a client chooses you out of all the photographers?  That is pretty awesome.  So what can be even more amazing?  When a client chooses you from out of state and brings their senior to you from hours away to get their senior pictures done!  I had met this family during the original Harry Potter night that downtown Naperville threw years ago.  They loved my work so much (and wanted to give their son something different from everyone else around them), that they made the trip to see me.  Seriously, I’m so honored and humbled.

I had three senior percussionists last year, but this was my first marching band one!  I loved getting some pictures of the big drum and tall feathered hat.

marching band drummer


The whole family came for the day and enjoyed hanging out in downtown Naperville while this guy and I walked around and did our thing without an audience. I find that lots of teens can relax more without their parents around.  I love getting real, natural smiles, especially from senior guys who tend not to love the camera as much as girls.

Chicago senior photographer


How awesome that there is so much environmental variety all within walking distance of the studio?  This is one of my favorite spots, and one of my favorite poses for guys.

Wheaton senior photographer


With each stop, he changed shirts, so we not only got variety in location, but also clothing.

Elmhurst senior photographer


I love a good closeup.  There is just something compelling about eyes, especially with a serious expression.

Oak Brook photographer


And since the whole family came on this journey, we also had to get some family pictures while they were here.  Can I tell you how much I love that they all wore Converse shoes! Seriously, that is so awesome!

Aurora photographer


We are getting ready to head into senior season again – are you ready?  We are!

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