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I love photographing athletes, and dancers are certainly some of my favorites because they understand how to position themselves for an audience.  It lends itself naturally to photography.  Most of the athletes I photograph tend to be high school seniors, but I lucked out and was asked to do a special dance session for these twins for their birthday.  They were full of ideas and energy and an incredible amount of fun.  I think they would have been happy to go all day.  Unfortunately, they did have birthday plans later that day, so we did eventually have to call it quits.  But not before getting some amazing dance pictures for them.

These girls are serious dancers and brought a few different uniforms.  Jazz and contemporary were their favorite styles of dance. Seriously, they were up for anything and everything.  So much fun to showcase their athleticism.  Here is one of the girls.  I made sure to do individuals as well as pictures together, working hard to not let them do the same poses as each other.

Naperville photographer



While being twins, they definitely still had their own strengths and were great supporters of each other.  They critiqued and cheered each other on, running back to see the image on the back of my camera to make sure their positioning was perfect.

Hinsdale photographer


We also changed into some jazz uniforms and went with a bright white background.  This next one is my very favorite image from the session.  I just love it!

Burr Ridge dance photographer


And let’s not forget an individual of the other twin this time.

Elmhurst dance photographer


And since this family was going out to a birthday dinner, they decided to also get a quick family picture in together.  Such a gorgeous family!  I love their matching pink outfits in the midst of all the neutral grey.

Wheaton photographer

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