Downers Grove Senior photographer

I’ve been unforgettably delinquent on my blog, and I’m so sorry! I’m going to try to do better in 2019, and I am so horribly behind!  This senior guy is now busy in college because I am so behind.  He was going to major in performance violin, so we had to start off in studio to do some classic – yet awesome – pictures showcasing his passion and talent.  I’m a sucker for musicians, and I always make them serenade me during our sessions. So be warned if you are musically inclined, you very well may be performing for me.  🙂  So we did both casual and modern as well as in his performance tuxedo.  I love it when senior boys were suits and tuxedos for sessions.  They are so classically gorgeous.

Violin is such a classical instrument, that we had fun doing something totally different.



But also did a classic violin portrait.

Wheaton senior photographer


Then we had our outdoor session.  The main focus of my senior sessions isn’t to create work for myself, but to create pieces to capture this pivotal moment in these teen’s lives by showcasing their own personalities.  This senior guy was outdoorsy and casual, so this location was perfect for him.

Hinsdale senior photographer


Some people are serious some are smilers.  This one was certainly on the smiley side.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


But we also had to do some serious ones, as well.  I love these stone stairs.

Naperville photographer


If you have a 2019 senior, it isn’t too late to get your senior pictures done!  We have all spring (and could even do summer), but we are also currently offering a winter special for senior mini sessions in studio! These are perfect for those who want only a few pictures or want to save money.  These senior mini sessions are offered in studio only and are happening now through mid March.

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