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Are you in need of a professional headshot photographer?  Or do you have a business and in need of branding photography?  At Firefly Nights, we pride ourselves in providing images that our clients need – not just doing what we want.  What does that mean?  It means, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to headshots.  Being a Naperville headshot photographer, I see a wide variety of people in need of headshots.  I see actors and models, corporate executives, realtors, doctors, small business owners, lawyers, even dating needs.  And each client has their own target market to attract and need to showcase a certain personality to attract them.  It is my job as the photographer to help create that look through setting, posing, and lighting.

Here’s an example of three different women – and three totally different types of images for their work.

First up is a corporate executive. I  normally don’t choose white as a background color, as I’m typically not a fan, but I loved it with her.  Her eyes looked amazing!

Naperville headshot photographer


But we also went with dark, as well.  I think she ended up using the white one.

Downers Grove headshot photographer


Then next we have a realtor who was looking to create some personal branding with her dog and create a unique look that would grab the attention of her target clients.  She thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted her all in white. But she looks w

Oakbrook photographer



I loved this one all in black because her big giant dog had had enough. LOL

Elmhurst photographer


Then this next woman is another corporate executive, but we went with a softer look and brought it outside.  I do love people leaning against something.

Oswego photographer


And I also love doing a horizontal headshot.  They are definitely my favorite.  Getting a natural smile – love it!

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