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It always cracks me up when parents tell me their kids have been looking forward to our photoshoot and asking if they get to say naughty things again. LOL  Yes, I am big on having kids say naughty things to get them smiling and laughing.  Apparently, it leaves quite the impression. LOL  Sorry upfront to all clients.  Anyway, these boys were eager to see me again, which is awesome.  We had a great time back on this hot and sunny day.  It’s crazy to look back while it is freezing outside and remember that it was a super hot day on this day.  I wonder if I’ll ever get caught up on my blogging?  Remember how the fall was uncommonly warm?  This family got to wear shorts for an autumn session.

Naperville family photographer

I love family pictures where everyone is sitting over standing.  Probably because it is more snuggly – more lovey, which is what I typically prefer for family pictures.

Wheaton photographer


As boys get older, they tend to hate posing for pictures, but this one was still charming and delightful as he blushed.  I always wonder as families return if this will be the year that their oldest no longer gives me real smiles.  Fingers crossed I still have a few more years with this family.

Hinsdale family photographer


The little brother was such a goofball and such a sweetheart.  Their parents have to be so happy.

Elmhurst family photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


It’s hard to believe it was an autumn day looking at this picture.  It looks like the height of summer.  Makes me warm just looking at it… well, warmer.

Chicago family photographer


Are you interested in a family photography session?  You don’t need to wait until warm weather.  Winter can make for beautiful pictures – either playful or dramatic.  Of course, there is always the studio to be used, as well.  So give us a call!

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