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As a parent, you probably take a million pictures of your kids, and while, yes, there is a certain amount of talent – let’s hope so, otherwise, what are you paying me for?? – to getting beautiful images.  As I’ve already talked about, there is lighting, exposure, etc.  But if you are looking for one thing you can do yourself with your own pictures to try to make them a little bit more…wow…then try cropping.  Sometimes recropping an image can turn it from a snapshot to something far more.

When photographing children, we can’t always get the final image within the camera because our subjects are constantly in motion.   Here is a great example.  I was busy photographing her younger siblings and turned to see her sniffing the yellow lilacs and snapped.  Here is the original crop straight from my camera.

smelling flowers

But let’s face it – this isn’t that great of a picture, and mainly it is because of the poor composition.  But watch was happens when I crop it:

Baby photographer

Stay tuned next week to see if Superman can save Lois Lane.  Oh wait, wrong station.  Hope this inspires you to try something new.

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