Eaten Alive! | Chicago Baby and Children Photographer

I no longer provide sneak peeks for clients, as I like the first time they see their images to be their full gallery, but I am making an exception.  Something novel happened today.  I’ve had to reschedule sessions very infrequently, and with shooting outdoors, the weather is always a risk, especially in the fall.  While we’ve had storms recently, we agreed that if we stayed rain free for the night, then we would go out first thing in the morning for our session, even though it was extremely overcast and dark.  So why did I have to reschedule, you ask?  CALLED ON ACCOUNT OF MOSQUITOES!  We were being eaten alive!  Thankfully, I was able to get some beautiful images, but we are rescheduling for another day…one with less rain and dampness and hopefully less bloodsuckers.  Since it will be a couple of weeks until our next attempt, I wanted to provide at least a few to see until then.

Funny editing note:  While I was editing these, I began to worry that my lens must have been dirty.  I was having to fix a lot of little dust specks.  Then it dawned on me – they are the flying bloodsuckers all around their poor victims!

girl in flowers

Girl in flower field

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