Being able to be a Naperville senior photographer is one of my favorite things because I get to be more creative usually.  When a senior is up for anything, I admit, I get all a flutter. LOL  And when that senior is gorgeous, well….  awesomness arises.  Now this lovely girl is going to be a Naperville North High School senior for class of 2018.  When we had our in-person consultation, we decided an two different looks:  urban and edgy for the first, then fields and sun and girly for the second.

She used my hair and makeup team to finalize her look on the day of our outing – and she looked awesome!


Naperville senior photographer


This was a new location for me, and I LOVED it!  So if you are looking for a true urban location, I got you covered.  And all without going into downtown Chicago.

Chicago senior photographer


She could really rock the serious look.

Elmhurst senior photographer

Then we walked just a ways and came across this amazing red door.  I mean, how awesome is this?  And the door is small – which begs to wonder where in the world it opens to??

hinsdale senior photographer


Then this next part of her session was my doing.  I had an idea, asked if she was up for it, and she agreed.  Granted, these are something else – magazine images, if you will.  And I utterly love the contrast of the flowy femininity against the urban harsh environment.  But the colors all harmonize together, and she looks like a goddess.  This is actually a maternity outfit I have and just pinned it to fit her.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


Ok, so remember that was all part one of her session.  Part two was an outfit change, along with different hair and makeup and location.  I knew where I wanted to take her – a very large open field.  We had to cross busy traffic, me lugging my large light. LOL  But being a Naperville senior photographer, I go where we need to go for the perfect pictures.  And it was well worth it, don’t you think?

Wheaton senior photographer


I asked her to pick one of the little daisies.  She did and then put it at her nose, and I quickly clicked and was able to get this perfectly happy image of her.  Her smile is just gorgeous!

Plainfield senior photographer


Lastly, I had asked her during out interview about her interests, activities, etc.  She is really involved with Operation Snowball.  If you didn’t grow up in Naperville, I’m not sure if you were introduced to “warm fuzzies”, but I remember Snowball from my own days at NNHS.  Snowball is an international alcohol, tobacco and other drug-use prevention program focusing on leadership development to empower youth to lead drug-free lives.  And their signature thing are “warm fuzzies”.  So we did a couple of images of her surrounded by warm fuzzies.

Operation Snowball


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Wow, am I really far behind in my blogging!  I had the pleasure of doing this family’s older son’s newborn photography session, and now they came back for their second son’s.  I love having clients return to me!  Being a Naperville newborn photographer, most of my clients obviously live in Naperville – a bit over half.  But I have clients come from all over Chicago.  So if you are looking for a Chicago newborn photographer, come make a day of it at our downtown studio which is surrounded by wonderful restaurants and a beautiful riverwalk.

Back to our guest of honor.  This little man was such a treat.  He was quite simply perfect and sleepy for me.  We got to use one of my new buckets.  I love the bright teal of it!

Chicago newborn photographer


And while it is pretty small, it just fits a small little baby perfectly in it.  I love scrunching them up – and they love it, too, because it is like being back in the womb.

Naperville newborn photographer


It is also fun to put them in my new overalls, which are super soft.  I have all the props and clothing you need for these newborn photography sessions.

Downers Grove newborn photographer


Being of Scottish ancestry, of course I love this plaid ensemble.     And I love how he hugs the pillow.

Elmhurst newborn photographer


But I definitely love naked newborns best.  Just the cleanness, the timelessness of the images really speaks to me.  This image will never be dated.  A newborn baby never goes out of style.  This is actually my favorite pose, too.  I love seeing the little foot and all the toes and a little bit of fat wrinkles.Hinsdale newborn photographer


This little one got to test out my new newborn hammock.  I think he was digging it, don’t you?  And pairing the greys with this mustard yellow outfit made it pop nicely.

Burr Ridge newborn photographer


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I decided to do some Mother’s Day mini sessions this year and had the pleasure of seeing repeat and new clients come out for them.  While it was a pretty windy day, we managed to still get some beautiful portraits of these momma’s and their children.r

This first lovely lady started my afternoon, and how gorgeous was she?!  And made even more beautiful by her lovely baby bump she was sporting. Her daughter was just precious.   She was a little shy with me, but fortunately, some of her aunties came along to get her loosened up. I also used one to keep my light stand from blowing over in the wind.

Naperville photographer


I had the pleasure of meeting this fantastic group during my santa minis.  So many girls! 🙂  And so many smiles.

Downers Grove photographer


Next up was another pregnant momma whom I’ve seen a few times in the past.  With such light blonde hair, they look like little dolls! I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family soon.  Will it be another blue eyed blonde??

Hinsdale photographer


Lastly, we had this gorgeous family.  Seriously, how lucky am I to work with such beautiful clients??  I chose this location because I like the big hill in the background and lets us do some sweeping images.  These kids enjoyed my potty humor that I used to get them to smile.  It worked!

Wheaton photographer


Mother’s Day mini sessions are not something we do every year.  It seems to be every other year.  But who knows, it might pop up again next year!   Of course, we would love to provide a full session for you and your family, but if you are looking for a deal, be sure to check out our mini sessions that are offered.  We will be announcing our big fall ones soon!  They fill up quickly, so stay tuned!

Ok, it is finally time for the last of this year’s senior athlete pictures of Neuqua Valley High School’s Athletes of the Year with the spring sports.  One sport is missing because I never received the nomination, but the rest rock!  Being a Naperville Senior Photographer, I really do love working with these athletes.  No point in wasting time, I’m going to start!

Let’s start with possibly my big show stopper – Special Olympics with Tyler.  First off, since I do a lot of work in the special needs community, it was my great pleasure to create this image.  Tyler was awesome and is a true athlete, playing basketball, soccer, bowling, track, and swimming.  He didn’t learn to walk until he was two years old – look at him now!

special olympics


Next up is badminton.  Now, we had another idea that was crazy, but it didn’t work out. The one I displayed for the school wasn’t this one, but I liked this one better.  I like my flying “birdies”.  This player has traveled across the country and even participated in junior nationals for her sport.  Soon she will be attending University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for animal sciences.



Next we have our boy’s track & field.  They are big relay guys, and the coach wanted to see a relay pass off.  After a bunch of test runs, we finally got it.  When I talked with them, at the time, Jaquere was debating between running track in college or going to a prep school for football, while Isaiah will be continuing my academic and running career at the University of Southern California.

track & field


Let’s not leave out our girl’s track & field runner.  When I saw her, all I could think was, “wow, she has some serious muscles!”  And she also had the biggest smile.

Naperville senior photographer


Next up is softball.  She was a great sport, diving over and over until I got just the right image of her catching an outfield ball.  She will be attending Denison University in Granville, Ohio. I will be playing softball there, and am hoping to major in either psychology or biology with a concentration in neuroscience.



I definitely made my ball players do some crazy things this year.  James here had to slide into home for me. 😉  He will be playing baseball at Butler University and studying Marketing next year, so I’m sure he’s used to it.

baseball player


Then we had dance.  She didn’t really want her face to show, so we came up with this move, and as she jumped, her hair naturally did this.  Hooray!  I LOVE this image.  Who’s heard of a dancer who doesn’t want her face shown? Crazy girl.



Girl’s soccer was also awesome. I love the mood in this one.  Her soccer career is officially over now as she heads off to University of Colorado.  I wish her the best!

girl soccer player


Last up is girl’s water polo.  I had so much fun creating this all from scratch, and she was a blast – holding onto a ledge from our ceiling to get the egg beater kick just right.

girl water polo

As you know – as you should know by now – April was our Autism Awareness month where we celebrate all children with special needs.  Here is our second say of our special needs mini sessions.  It is always a heart-warming day for me and my assistant.  Seriously, this stuff feeds my soul.  Each and every one of these families was totally awesome.

This was my first time with this handsome family.  One of their sons has ASD, ADHD, and ODD.  They warned me he wanders, which he did a bit, but it was a good day, and we got some awesome family pictures.

special needs photography


This little girl was shy at first, and has trouble looking up, but man was she adorable with her brother. She has Down Syndrome and has gone through three surgeries.  Such a little hero!

Chicago special needs photographer


I love also being able to photograph older children with special needs, as well, like with this awesome guy.  He has autism spectrum disorder.  Most of his speech is echolalia (repeating back what is said), but he did like telling me about his favorite movie.

Naperville special needs photographer


This little boy may have Down Syndrome, but he was certainly living life big!  I mean, how can you get any cuter?!

Down Syndrome


I get to see this lovely lady every year.  She has autism and is non-verbal and tends to not follow instructions.  This was her first year with her new therapy dog.

therapy dog


This little guy was all smiles and a joy.  He also has ASD.  I love me these wonderful kids!

Downers Grove special needs photographer


Ok, this family deserves a story.  Their son is developmentally delayed and has a sensory processing disorder.  This family has ne ver had a family picture before because one of the parents always has to work to get the picture.  The night before, mom messages me that she is going to cancel because the son had a big meltdown while clothes shopping. I could tell she was just at her wits end.  So I told her – don’t force him to wear anything. Let him wear whatever he wants. Don’t stress about it.  She says he ONLY wears black sweatpants and a Jack Skelington T-shirt.  So I said, so let it be.  They show up, and man, he was AWESOME.  He was goofy and silly and fully of laughter.  They were so happy to finally have a family picture.

Hinsdale special needs photographer


Every year I see this lovely lady. She loves being beautiful and always has colorful, pretty shoes.  She has a wonderful smile, and is turning into quite the young lady.

Down Syndrome photographer


This gorgeous family was new to me this year, and it almost didn’t happen.  Their son has autism, and just minutes before we took this picture, he was having a meltdown outside of the studio.  So when he came in, we grabbed some of our toy cars and had him play for a bit, and we saw this bright smiley guy emerge.  His smile truly lit up the room.

Wheaton special needs photographer

This kid – I have to say kid because he’s no longer a little boy – has grown SO MUCH since I’ve last seen him.  He also has ASD, but wow has his communication and ability to follow instructions drastically improved.  I love seeing that!

Plainfield special needs photographer


This handsome family was also new to me.   Such a great looking bunch, right?!  And the star attraction was their sister with Dowm Syndrome who greatly enjoyed being in the spotlight.

down syndrome photographer


I had the pleasure of photographing this boy and his family last fall, but now it was jut for him.  He has high-functioning autism and is the sweetest, silliest boy ever.

Naperville photographer


You would be surprised how many clients I have where more than one child is on the spectrum.  Both of their sons have autism, and the suspect their daughter will also be diagnosed soon, though she is much higher functioning than her brothers.  And while the boys cannot communicate very well, they did a great job for me.



Then my day ended with this incredibly happy little guy who just happens to also have ASD.  He was full of mischief and smiles.

If you have a child with special needs, come to us.  We promise – we get it.  There is no judgement here.  There is only love.