So we all know I love photographing athletes.  Being a Naperville senior photographer, I have a lot of opportunity since there are so many seniors in the area, not to mention the surrounding suburbs.  So when I get to do something new, it is always exciting for me.  This senior was really something special.  I wish I weren’t so far behind on my blogging so I could remember more details.  But she is the first, or at least one of the first, seniors girls I’ve had who wore no makeup.  I get it, I rarely wear makeup, and I think it is awesome that she had these pictures show who she is.  Now granted, she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful.  With her awesome curly hair and perfect skin, with brilliant blue eyes, the camera liked her.

Naperville photographer


She had to endure quite the audience.  This was Homecoming dance day for one of the local high schools, and there were probably about 50 couples with twice as many parents lingering around and taking pictures. I had to squeeze my spots in.

Downers Grove photographer


With the sun shining brightly behind her, it created a lovely halo.

Chicago senior photographer


I think this one is my favorite from the outdoor portion of our session.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


Ok, so not only is this senior beautiful, but she is also brilliant.  She is a National Merit Scholar, which means she is in the top 1%.  She’s certainly no dummy.  Ok, so pretty AND smart AND athletically talented.  Seriously, so unfair to get the trifecta. LOL  But she is a truly talented athlete, as well.  At 5′ 11″ (and not done growing), she was a gifted volleyball player.  Unfortunately, a major leg surgery has put that to an end.  But we still wanted to capture something with her sport.



She is also receiving scholarships for her track and field prowess with shot put and discuss.  I had never photographed either, so I was super excited.  It took quite a bit of repeating it over and over again to get it just right and find the best part of the movement.  This one is my favorite.

Plainfield senior photographer

I’m so happy to finally get around to blogging this gorgeous newborn session!  Seriously, this family created such gorgeous images!  I had actually don’t a boudoir session for this beautiful momma years ago, so when they needed a Naperville newborn photographer, I was thrilled they chose Firefly Nights Photography.  I have to say, I absolutely love the colors they wore for their family pictures.  So rich and deep.

Naperville newborn photographer


And not all couples and really rock a serious and dramatic newborn pose – but I love this one of them.

dramatic newborn photography


And this is hands down my new favorite mommy and baby image ever.  Love everything about it.  I even considered using it for print competition.  The color of her dress is just wonderful against his skin.

Burr Ridge newborn photographer


And then it was time for just baby and me.  I love my newborn fixes with snuggly babes.  Some people ask if I will remove the umbilical cord.  I do not prefer to do that.  It shows how very new this little newborn actually was.  I always insist parents do some pictures with a creamy blanket, as all skin tones look beautiful against it.

Plainfield newborn photographer


Who can resist a great closeup? I wonder how much he has already changed since this picture.

Oak Brook newborn photographer


He did a great job balancing for me on his hands.  People don’t choose red enough – I love the contrast against creamy newborn skin.


And lastly, we also did some prop pictures, but I will just show you one of my favorites from this session.  I love the rustic textures in this scene along with the overalls.


If you are currently expecting your own little one and are looking for a Naperville newborn photographer, we hope you will check out more of our work in our Galleries section and choose Firefly Nights Photography as your family photographer for all your needs.

When this family with their two boys found out they were having a daughter, I bet they were thrilled.  Finally, mom gets to have someone on her team! This little baby was such a pretty babe.  I got to be their Hinsdale newborn photographer.  I would say most of my clients obviously are from Naperville, but Hinsdale is my number two demographic.  We of course did pictures of the whole family and the boys with their new sister, but I only show a few from each session.  But just know that family pictures are always included with newborn sessions.

This father was a very tall man, and I always love showing the smallness and size of a newborn in a dad’s arms.  I haven’t done the head in the hand image in quite a while.  But I always love it.  I’m sure they can’t even remember her being so small with how quickly babies grow.

Chicago newborn photographer


I so love the color tones in this image.  That terracotta color is so rich with the dark brown.

Downers Grove baby photographer


And here’s momma with her new little girl.

Hinsdale baby photographer


And daddy with his little princess.

Oak Brook newborn photographer


Finally, this little newborn and I had some alone time just the two of use.  How precious is she?

Plainfiled baby photographer


This little one did not like to turn her head to the other side, so I was forced to keep her on this side (which is opposite from how I like to work). LOL Little stinker.

If you are looking for a Hinsdale newborn photographer (or really, a Naperville newborn photographer), we hope you choose Firefly Nights Photography.  We highly recommend having newborn sessions as early as possible.  The younger the babies are, the longer and deeper they sleep, which makes them more posable for pictures.  As soon as your little one arrives, be sure to reach out to us.

I love my annual repeating clients.  This year I got to meet their newest daughter!  I traveled to their home where we did some pictures inside as well as in their back yard.  I have photographed there before, so I knew exactly what would work.  They have a lovely backyard with great shade.  But first, we started in their bedroom.  I love families snuggled together on beds – there is something intimate and playful about, and perfect for families with young children.

Let’s start with this family. I love that all three girls have big smiles.

Chicago family photographer


Getting a toddler to cuddle a baby was quite the adventure.  Someone always didn’t want to cuddle. LOL  But we still got them close.

Downers Grove family photographer


Then we went outside to their beautiful yard.  It was one of those 90 degree days and miserably hot, so we went as quickly as possible with the girls staying inside while I did individual shots and rotating them in and out to stay cool.  So let’s start with the children’s individual pictures, starting with the oldest daughter.  I’ve always loved her freckles.  I’ve been photographing her when she was an only child.  My how she has grown.  She’s always had the spunk.

Hinsdale family photographer


The middle sister used to be so shy with me, so it was wonderful to meet this new personality which was full of sass and giggles.  Can’t you just see the mischief in this little one?  I love her strawberry blonde curls.

Downers Grove photographer


And of course, here is their newest daughter with incredible blue eyes.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like next year when I see her again!

Wheaton photographer


And of course we had to get a beautiful family picture outside as well.  You can really see how blue the baby’s eyes are in this picture.  Such a handsome family, and so full of life and love.

Oak Brook photographer