This little guy just finished his Baby’s First Year program with me, where we do newborn, six month, and one year session and then create an heirloom album with all the sessions, creating a perfect memory of the first year.  I also had the pleasure of doing their maternity session and even their dog’s mini session this winter.  What’s my point?  I’m going to miss seeing them so often!  Being a Naperville Baby Photographer doesn’t mean that I’m not simply a photographer for all occasions.  🙂


While we were focusing on the birthday boy, we always do a few family pictures, too.  I love the colors they chose.  I also love this neutral brick.  He looks like quite the little man here.

Naperville photographer


So we got him dressed in his overalls (I love one year old boys shirtless in overalls).  And he kept going behind my door props and playing behind them.  Instead of fighting it, I rolled my light over and got some great ones of him playing peek-a-boo with me.

Hinsdale baby photographer


Then it was back to the classic set we had ready for him.  Having his favorite airplane and his mommy’s teddy bear on hand helped him stay put.  As you can see, he had a blast.

Downers grove baby photographer


And then some quiet time with teddy, who as you can see is very well loved.  I love creating quiet moments like these.

Elmhurst baby photographer


And then an outfit and background change and a happy little baby.

Plainfield baby photographer


Then at the very end, it was time to party!  Yes, mom brought a smash cake to celebrate his first birthday!  While he didn’t go nuts with it, he still really enjoyed digging in.  And it was yummy cake. Yes, I got to grab a dab during clean up. LOL

smash cake

Happy birthday, little man!  You have grown and changed so much this past year, and I am honored that I got to bear witness to it and photograph you in all your stages.

Firefly Nights Photography is a Naperville baby photographer (well, let’s get real – we are simply a Naperville photographer) who loves capturing these milestone moments in your life.  If you are looking for a beautiful smash cake, we highly recommend Hana Hou Cakes!  We hope you come to us for all your family photography needs.

If you are looking for a Naperville Photographer to photograph your extended family, look no further. I always stress the importance of generational photography.  Including grandparents into a session is something to be cherished.  We never truly know how long we have with our parents and grandparents – be sure to capture moments with them for when they are gone.  Yes, that was morbid, sorry.  But it is no less true.  And when the grandparents are in town visiting, what better way to show how much you cherish them than photographing them with their grandchildren?

Now, I have photographed this wonderful family for a couple years and got to see them during my fall mini sessions this past year.  But when grandma was going to be in town, we had a full session in studio just for that.  Here are three generations of women for this family – what a beautiful group!



While we did family pictures, we also did plenty of just the girls.  Getting these two high energy sister to sit still was a minor miracle. LOL  Don’t you just love how light the youngest’s eyes are??  And I love big sister’s real smile here.



Then we got each girl by herself.  This spirited older sister loves to be the center of attention.

Hinsdale photographer

What a stinker!  You can just tell she is going to be trouble. 🙂

Elmhurst photographer

Then the girls changed clothing, and I changed background for this neutral brick.  And here is grandma with her two peanuts!

Plainfield photographer


When your daughter demands some kisses…  🙂  While this was randomly captured, I still loved it and included it in their gallery.

Burr ridge photographer

Firefly Nights Photography is an international award winning Naperville Photographer.  We are a portrait studio, working both in studio and outside on location.  If you want timeless portraits of your family, we hope you will consider us.

I so love newborn photography. Not only do I get to spend time with these sweet little bundles, but I get to memorialize the biggest moment in a families’ lives – going from two to three.  Or in this case, going from three to four in the family!  Now, I have been with this family for a while, so I have loved seeing their daughter grow into just the sweetest thing ever.  Toddler older siblings can be tough, but she was a doll.  I had the pleasure of photographing them for a maternity session when their boy was still in the belly, and now here they are – the whole family!

Naperville photographer


I normally show mostly pictures of the newborn baby in my blog, but in reality, a good 1/4 of a newborn session is typically spent on photographing the family – the new parents, the siblings, etc.  So for a change, I thought I would show more of the family pictures this time around.  I love the intimacy of a daddy and his new baby. Look how sweetly squishy he looks!

Hinsdale photographer


And this little peanut gave me a smile as his mommy cuddled him.  I love newborn smiles!

Downers Grove photographer


Being a Naperville newborn photographer fills my heart with the warm fuzzies for being able to create lasting pieces of art.

Elmhurst photographer


Unlike most sessions, newborn pictures can be displayed forever on your walls.  They truly are timeless pieces of art.

Plainfield photographer


I love this new set of vintage looking overalls for newborn boys.  I always love neutral colors like this.

Burr Ridge photographer


newborn photography


If you are currently pregnant and expecting your own little one, we hope you will browse through our Newborn Gallery and decide to make Firefly Nights Photography your Naperville Newborn Photographer – and of course we service clients from all over Chicago and the western suburbs like Hinsdale and Elmhurst.

This cool guy came to visit me this past winter – yes, I’m terribly behind in blogging! Anyway, he was turning five, but he was years beyond that in his personality, but being the youngest child will sometimes do that for you.  And this is another blog post that was accidentally deleted in my migration, so I hate having to try and remember what in the world I already wrote! Grrr.  Let’s just cut to the chase – this kid had awesome style and an even more awesome personality.

Naperville photographer


People ask if plaid is too busy for photographs, but I honestly love plaid.

Downers Grove photographer


He also had an amazing black, leather jacket.  Like I said, how cool is this kid?!  Now this background is one I normally reserve for high school seniors, but with this look, how could I not??

Hinsdale photographer


Ok, so while yes, his mom brought him in for his five year pictures, the big selling point was that she really wanted to get him a Batman picture.  She had seen my other Batman super hero pictures I had done and knew her little guy would freak for something like that of his own.  I love doing creative challenges.  If you want a Naperville photographer who can create something unique and amazing, then Firefly Nights is for you.  I love doing super hero images for kids.  And this may be my very favorite one, yet!  The best part was that I did nothing in post production with his cape.  We were lucky enough to get it exactly like that in camera with some skilled flipping.



I’ve also had the recent pleasure of photographing my first Spiderman, too!  This four year old LOVES the web crawler, so it was my honor to create something for his room of him as his favorite super hero.


Commissioned pieces are always welcome with me! Bring on the challenge!

Happy birthday to this little guy! I got to meet him at his newborn session and watched him turn into a chubby, smiley six month old. And then suddenly, time passed, and he was already turning one year old!  I so love being able to watch babies grow in their first year of life, and I have greatly enjoyed sharing the journey with this family.  I’m going to miss those big dark eyes of his.

While his mother had her hair and makeup done by my team of professionals, I got to play with him.  I love this rustic boy background for the dudes out there.

Naperville baby photographer


And how awesome that we got a picture showing his two little teeth with this smile.  Soon, it will be full of teeth.

Downers Grove baby photographer


His grandmother has attended all of his sessions, so it was great to see her again!  And how precious to get grandma and her baby together by themselves.

Hinsdale baby photograpaher


But of course, then we got the whole family together.

Elmhurst baby photographer


This is my favorite image of the session.  It is just so perfect – the colors, the tones, the pose.  The love.

Naperville photgrapher


We also attempted a smash cake at the end of the session, but he was not interested in it at all. LOL  I guess he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, yet.

Plainfield baby photographer


If you are looking for a baby, family, or high school senior photographer, then look no further than Firefly Nights Photography!