Sometimes I get a newborn session that just is perfection.  This was one.  In fact, I love so many of their images that I really struggled picking which ones to share on my blog.  I love being a Naperville newborn photographer.  Since Naperville is so large, there is never  a shortage of babies, especially since surrounding Chicago suburbs also make their way here.  So I get to be a Hinsdale newborn photographer pretty often, too.  And this has been a busy summer for newborns! I hear it is the Cubs victory last year that did it. 😉

I normally do a softer look for the family portion of a newborn session, but I loved going a little brighter for them.

Chicago newborn photography


Sometimes I just use my real studio walls and floors.  I love their little girl.  I have a thing for small kids hugging on their parents’ legs.

Naperville newborn photography


Like I said, I LOVED this little girl.  This next picture is of my new favorites, especially since we also used my favorite chair.  I’m thinking this may go up in the studio soon.  This one is timeless and a piece of art.  And tell me, how gorgeous is her baby brother?

Downers Grove newborn photography


We also went light and bright for another great sibling picture.

Hinsdale newborn photography


Of course we rocked the pictures of just this little guy, as well.  He was all squishiness – which is awesome!  Look at those lips!

Elmhurst newborn photography


If you stay up on my blog posts or over on FaceBook, you will know that I love me some monochromatic  images where we stay in a single color tone.  I love the textures here and the neutral color tones.

Burr Ridge newborn phtoography


Last, but not least, we did this little boat and wooden setup. I love the overalls and little pillow that the mom picked out for this set.  Just sailing away in his dreams.

Oak Brook newborn photography

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Waiting for the arrival of their little one.   Being a Naperville maternity photographer is awesome.  I get to see people on the cusp of becoming a family, about the become parents.  When they are still all about each other and the idea of loving another is still a bit nebulous.  For this wonderful couple, they wanted to sneak the name of their soon to be son into some images.  What was great, was that no one knew the name! So I got to be one of the first!  Now since I’m really behind on blogging, they have already had their little guy, and we’ve already had their newborn session, which they are waiting on me to edit.  LOL

It was actually the grandmother who hired me.  She found me online when she looked for a Naperville maternity photographer, and I am so glad she did! So let me go ahead and share some of their pictures – which were gorgeous! They brought the blocks, I just took the picture.



Then we went outside. It was a bright, sunny day – and just beautiful.  This gorgeous image is almost like a painting.

maternity photography


Then we did this part of the field where the grasses were golden and different and better for sitting.  Maternity sessions are really about the woman, so sometimes the husband just becomes a prop.

Downers Grove maternity photographer

And while he is a prop, it is wonderful to show the intimacy between husband and wife.  So after melting in the sun, it was time for shade, which means darker colors.  I totally love this next maternity image where he kissed her neck.  It may be my favorite.

insdale maternity photography


We also had to get one image really showing her awesome baby belly.

Oak Brook maternity photography


And lastly, one more with the name. They also brought the baby books, and I love this idea for showing the name.


So I do commercial headshots. I do corporate headshots. I do whatever.  But it is super fun when I get someone who is either rebranding or creating a new brand.  Then I get to really talk with them about their vision, their target market, their colors, their …. brand.  Brand is super important, and your pictures need to reflect it.  This client was new to me and on the cusp of a big adventure – creating a multimedia, national syndicate for financial fraud awareness and prevention.  He does public speaking, so we wanted pictures of him up on stage.  We talked for a while about his persona – the look he wanted, and he said that he wanted to be different – casual instead of formal.  So he got several shirts of the same look, but different colors, to reflect this.

So, we started with a theater for representing his public speaking bits.  It was fun to go do something totally different.  We also wanted both posed and unposed. Both looking at the camera and more lifestyle, unscripted.



This was definitely my favorite from the theater location.


Then we went back to the studio to do more.  He wanted at least one that was brighter. I tend to hate white as a background, but this light toupe worked great for him.


The other part of his business is  a national radio piece.  Being radio, it seemed it lent itself to a more edgy persona, so we went with the black shirt.  And radio personalities have to be a bit larger than life.


He also grabbed some headphones that he would use while doing the radio set. I love this one.


I hope his new venture launches with great success!  If you are in the Chicago western suburbs and looking for a brand partner for your photographer, we hope you consider Firefly Nights Photography.  Being a Naperville photographer, we are easily accessible to all of Chicago.

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful family over the summer.  Technically, I had already known the husband, but hadn’t seen him in many years.  It was my first time to meet the rest of his beautiful family, though.  When people ask me to photograph at their home, I am always a bit nervous, as I don’t know what I am walking into, and I like to know where the light is, etc.  But they assured me there was a beautiful pond and trees across the street, and that is all we needed!  I love it when people get all dressed up for a session!

Naperville photographer


The kids delighted in being naughty and were wonderful stinkers with me.  I love making kids giggle like this.  She couldn’t STOP laughing!

Burr Ridge photographer


He had the most beautiful smile!  Such a handsome little guy.  He was very happy with the idea of being barefoot.  And can I just say I love boys with bow ties?!

Oak Brook photographer

Having children “keep their parents from floating away” is a great way to get young kids to stay still.  I’m full of tricks. And getting real smiles – well, that’s my top secret trick. 😉

Hinsdale photographer


When doing family portraits, it is also important to remember to do some of just the mom and dad.  Many times, couples haven’t had professional pictures of just them since their weddings.  That is something I always try to remedy.

Elmhurst photographer


Then we let the kids play in the pond and went for a darker edit.  I got my feet cold and wet standing in the water to get this angle.  I love rocks and water.  If people are up for getting a bit dirty, I’m all for it!

Downers Grove photographer


The brother was easier with this part, as he didn’t keep trying to climb into the water. LOL  But this one may be my favorite of the entire session.  I tend to love it when kids aren’t necessarily looking at the camera.  It feels more “real”.

Wheaton photographer

Well, this is the hardest blog post for me to write.  I first met this amazing family when they came in for their newborn session.  I learned then about the young father who at age 29 was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.  He found out his diagnosis the day before they found out they were pregnant.  I made sure to get some great ones with him in it.  Weeks later, I learned that their infant son was hospitalized.  Through many scary ordeals, they received a rare diagnosis for him that required both a kidney and liver transplant.  Through all of this, I kept thinking that this woman had an unfair amount of crap put on her at one time.  It broke my heart.  I saw them again, several times.  And each time, I was so happy to see the father still here.  So happy to see their little boy still here.

Their son received both transplants and is finally doing well.  He is now three years old! And this also means the father has lived with stage four colon cancer for four years, which is amazing.  Unfortunately, he was declining quickly, and they decided to move to hospice care.  I follow them on Facebook and read that since turning off his chemo treatments and getting on new and more medications through hospice, he was feeling so much better, so I reached out to them and asked if they would like a free session.  Being in hospice, I don’t know how much more time he has, and since he was feeling good, I just wanted to be able to do something for them.  They have been the face of grace under extreme conditions that would knock most people to their knees.  It has been a blessing and a privilege to know them.

I hope you can see the love here.  They have always been full of smiles every time I have seen them.

Naperville photographer


I wanted to be sure to get some great ones of just the couple, too.

Downers Grove photographer


This one catches my breath with the intimacy.

Hinsdale photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


We had a while where daddy and his son just played together.  Such a sweet moment.

Elmhurst photographer


They also brought along their “other” children.  🙂

Oak brook photographer

They are in my thoughts frequently, and I hope that by sharing their story, you let go of the trivial worries and give your love fully to those in your lives.