There are santa pictures like you take at the mall.  And then there are my santa sessions.  No, they are not the same thing.  Did you know my santa is the real deal?  Santa comes to our studio for a single day every year.  Last year, it was at the end of October.  Every year, we try to create classic santa portraits to be brought out as part of your Christmas decorations and hung on your wall.  While we also give children a wonderful santa experience, our real goal is to create pieces of art.  So if you want a Naperville santa photoshoot (of course we pull from all of Chicago), then be sure to sign up right away for this years!  We will announce them probably on August 1st again.  These sessions sell out in a day, so be on the lookout!  And I’ve already started thinking of the set design for this year.  Here are just a few from our day – we photographed 27 families on this day, and that is just too many for a blog post, so I greatly apologize to any families left out (more than half!).

Next year, the set will be much lighter.  But I will always include the magic of Christmas into my sessions.  These kids’ expressions take the cake!



This was our youngest child for the day, and I loved making him a special delivery in Santa’s bag.



At the end of the day, even Santa needs to sleep.


Looking in on a magical moment.  I think Santa left a teddy bear!


And at times, children are totally awestruck by being with santa.  How precious is this expression?


And what did Santa bring these two sisters?




And sometimes, it is just great to get a hug from the big guy.


Do you want a Normal Rockwell type Christmas santa session and live in or around Chicago?  Then don’t miss out on this year’s santa sessions!

What do you do when you want a family portrait, but weather isn’t cooperating?  Well, some people opt for coming into the studio, and others get creative.  It was a sunny day, but windy and only in the 30s.  So mom went out the day before and got some cute hats, scarfs, and sweaters.  And the result?  A catalog worthy session to be proud of.  So if weather is a bit too brisk (as it certainly is this April!), don’t let it ruin your outdoor sessions.  Just dress appropriately and play up the chilliness.  You can still get amazing pictures.  So if you are looking for a Hinsdale photographer, no matter the weather, come check us out!

While cold can make noses red, it is wind that really kills a session, especially with girls and women’s hair.  So hats totally solved the problem.  I also loved including their adorable dogs.  Now, these are definitely furry family members.  The white one is a backpack pup – never leaving his mom.

Hinsdale family photographer


And how gorgeous are these kids?  In between pictures, we made sure they bundled up in their winter coats and gloves.  It really was cold, but I went as quickly as possible.  I love this little staircase.

Naperville family photographer



And of course we did some individuals of the kids.  Her blue eyes are just stunning.





And since the dogs are family members, too.  We had some fun doing some pictures of just them.  This is my favorite of them.

Chicago dog photographer



And one last family one to end us on this cold, but lovely, session.  And when it is cold, it is perfect to cuddling close with the family.


Weather is getting warmer – at least it SHOULD be – so get your outdoor sessions scheduled now for late spring and summer.  Of course, our studio is open all year round for any needs, as well.

AUGH! I had this whole blog post written and ready to publish, when it deleted on me!  Stupid technology…  Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely Naperville senior  last fall.  She had such a classic look.  She looks like she could be on a catalog for some collegiate magazine.  I have no idea what I said the first time I wrote this, so I feel blank now.  Grrr. So let’s just get to the beautiful pictures.

Now, what’s special about sticking a girl in some tall grass?  Nothing.  Except when it is lit gorgeously by both the sun and my professional lights.  When I saw this one, it was totally breathtaking.  I showed it to her mom as soon as I took it because it was so wow.  What is funny is that the girl didn’t really like the way she looked with she wasn’t smiling because she was always smiling, but man, she had such intensity when she didn’t smile.  I’m a strong believer in getting a variety of expressions in a session.  No person is one dimensional, and it is my job to show that.

Naperville photographer


So here’s something that is more “her”.  She added a vest to her top, giving her a bit of a different look, and of course she smiled.

Hinsdale senior photographer


Seriously – she should be on college catalogs.  The brick works for it, as well.

Wheaton senior photographer


Then she changed clothes and we went walking to this bridge.  When it was time for them to make their order, it was funny.  She loved all the ones of her smiling, and her mom loved the serious ones.  We helped them get to a compromise and joining both, but it just goes to show that different people have different opinions on the same thing.Chicago senior photographer


This was one of the first ones I edited because I really loved it.  Sweet and beautiful.  Again, anyone can put a girl on a bridge.  But each photographer will get something different.

Oak Brook photographer


Then as we were walking back to the cars, we discovered this little rock path.  How could I have gone to this location for years and never seen it before?  I loved it, as did she.


If you have a 2019 senior, it is definitely time to be thinking about senior portraits with a Naperville senior photographer!  Summer is prime time for them, since the kids are out of school and we have more flexibility with weekday scheduling.  And keep in mind that I like to have in-person consultations with seniors to make sure we are all on the same page in creating something they can be excited about.

Last fall was packed with gorgeous senior sessions, including this Waubonsie Valley High School senior.  We had a great day roaming this beautiful location.  I’m so glad they chose Firefly Nights Photography as their Naperville senior photographer.  And unlike the previous day, it wasn’t nearly as windy, so we were able to use my light to create these beautiful portraits.

You can have a simple field of tall grass, but man, when you have the perfect lighting, you can get a killer image.  I think she is simply stunning here.  Just breathtaking.

Naperville photographer


And while she was stunning without a smile, her real nature was sweet and smiley.

Hinsdale senior photographer


She looks like a collegiate model for an ivy league school.  Love the boots with leggings.  I wonder what fashion awaits me for next year’s seniors.

Wheaton senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit change.  And, again, she gave me a serious expression, and her mom and I were wow’d.  When they made their selection of images, this girl felt awkward about the serious ones, those her mom and I loved them.  She wasn’t used to seeing herself not smiling.  But it is great to get variety.

Chicago senior photographer


Don’t worry, she was back to smiling most of the time.  Love this one on this pretty bridge.

Oak Brook photographer


As we were walking back, we stumbled across this little rock path through these grasses. It’s crazy that I’d been to this location countless times before and had never noticed this before.  And it’s neat that by just adding a scarf, it’s like a whole new outfit.


If you have a 2019 senior, it is time to be thinking about senior portraits!  Don’t wait too long to get scheduled.  Summer is a great time while the kids are out of school, so we can do weekdays.  But remember that I like to have brief in-person consultations with seniors, so we can be on the same page.

When I first met with this Waubonsie Valley High School senior, I learned she was a soccer player.  A defense player whose nickname was The Beast.  She had some killer quads, and as we talked, I started to get an image in my head.  I love that she was up for it – that she actually loved the idea of being bruised and battered with a “come get it” attitude.  Being a Naperville senior photographer, I have a lot of access to senior athletes, which is definitely one of my specialties.  I absolutely love creating totally unique images.  It is an outlet for my creativity and always pushes me to create more and new things.  We did her soccer pictures first, on a separate day from the rest of her session last fall.  I love the way this turned out!  It was my first time creating bruises and cuts. LOL

soccer player


We also did some “prettier” pictures, as well, though if you follow my work, you know I always like my athletes to have some edge.  It is my style.  With all that hair, I loved creating the movement with some fanning.

athlete photographer


Ok, let’s get to the actual session.  This senior is a casual girl, and I always tell my seniors that I want the pictures to reflect them.  So if you are a jeans and T-shirt kid, then wear it!  I love that when we started, she wore just that and went barefoot.  Just goes to show – you can wear anything and get gorgeous pictures!  Now, I normally like to have lighting for my session, but on this day, it was too windy and kept falling over, so we went with natural light.

Downers Grove senior photographer


It was hard for her not to look gorgeous.

Wheaton senior photographer


And keeping with her outfit, we kept her posing natural and laid back.

Plainfield senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit change into something a little dressier, but not over the top.  When we were at this train car, there was a group gathered, and some girl stopped to tell my senior how pretty she was.

Oak brook photographer


Then one last outfit and possibly my favorite image from the entire session! This was actually natural light – just found the perfect spot and placement for it.

Chicago senior photographer


If you are looking for a Naperville senior photographer, then look no further!  Firefly Nights Photography has won international competition awards for our senior images.