This family makes some cute boys!  And now their youngest son turned one year old.  He was part of my Baby’s First Year program, which means I photographed his newborn, six month, then one year pictures.  Then we combined them into a single album.  And just like his big brother, he has such a smirky little smile and brilliant eyes.  We always try to do at least one family picture every time.  I love all the blue and grey tones here.  Those always look nice for family pictures.

Naperville baby photographer


If you are looking for a Naperville baby photographer, Firefly Nights loves working with babies.  This cute fishing scene is a hit with one year old boys.  I love overalls with no shirt on boys this age.  And love bare feet hanging in the water!

Downers Grove baby photographer



And of course we had to get the boys together.  These brothers were so cuddly together.Hinsdale baby photographer



Check out those super blue eyes of his.  He was having fun banging on this lid.Plainfield baby photographer



Then it was time for an outfit change and a set change.  How do you get a one year old baby to sit still?  Give him some cars to play with, of course!  I love the rustic  old timey feel to these.Burr Ridge baby photographer


And then we ended our session with a smash cake!  He was pretty much only interested in taking off the circle decorations. LOL  Parents are responsible for bringing any smash cakes, but I definitely welcome them.  You can never tell if a baby will be into it or not.

Chicago baby photographer

We encourage you to check out more of our work in our Galleries section.  When you are ready, contact us to schedule your own baby, family, senior session.  Firefly Nights is a Naperville baby photographer who specializes in portraits for the whole family.  We can’t wait to work with yours!

When the pretty colors of autumn have given way to the brown of early winter, there is still beauty to be found outside.  This senior explored a couple different locations with me and froze her tush off without complaint. LOL  But first we did some athlete pictures to commemorate her time as a swimmer.  While we did individual images, I also created this cool collage for her.

Naperville senior photographer


The swim pictures were done one day after school.  But then on our main day, we ventured out into the cold and went as quickly as possible. LOL  She was a great sport.

Downers Grove photographer


I love getting a variety of looks and expressions for senior pictures.  Looking away from the camera gives the feeling of witnessing a moment.  I also love the neutral tones with this pale brick, and the leading lines of the wood framing her inside them.

Chicago senior photographer


Then we went to another location.  Don’t know if you can tell here, but it was super dark and gloomy.  Still gorgeous, though by adding some additional light.

Plainfield senior photographer


Just some playing around. Love her shoes!

Elmhurst photographer


These grasses only turn this pretty color in the fall.  I love seeing how amazingly blue her eyes are in this image.  Her hair goes beautifully with the golden grasses.

Oak Brook photographer


It was fun to do such a variety of scenes with her (while also moving quickly).  So if you are wondering what season is best for your senior pictures, the answer is really whatever season you want!  And don’t forget to check out more of my athlete work in the Athletes gallery, as it is definitely a specialty of ours.

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This was a combination sessions.  We were celebrating this little guy’s one year birthday in all his cuteness, as well as his gorgeous mom’s pregnancy.  I absolutely love that she went all out with her dress.  Clients – formal wear will NEVER be a bad choice for pictures.  Ever.  Not even for babies.  It rocks, it’s timeless,  and makes for some great pictures.  Now this little one was the very first to ever be photographed with my new fishing scene.  He was perfect for it – too short to have his legs touch the ground…er, water, I mean. 😉  Can I also say how much I love suspenders?  Love seeing his little pudgy belly.

baby fishing



And then it was time to do our maternity and family pictures.  He loved sticking out  his tongue at me.  The mom’s dress was stretchy, which is perfect for maternity pictures, as we want the fabric to cling to the body to really show that baby bump.

Naperville maternity photographer



This guy has it all – a beautiful wife and a healthy son.  I wonder if they ended up having a daughter or another boy?Burr Ridge photographer


And yes, this session took place last year.  Sigh.  Sorry!  But how cute are they for their holiday picture?  Their dog wasn’t thrilled with being in studio, but she looked cute!

Wheaton photographer


And then time for some more of just the birthday boy.

Hinsdale baby photographer


And just when you would think it is over, it was time for cake!  Now many times, babies are reserved when it comes to the cake.  Some won’t even touch it. This kid devoured his!  This image cracks me up, I imagine him giving a primal cry like a super hero after destroying his nemesis. LOL  And check out those two little teeth.

Naperville smash cake


If you are looking for a photographer for your family for all occasions,  then look no further than Firefly Nights Photography!

I’ve been this lovely family’s Elmhurst family photographer for a few years now, and every year we do something different.  This year, she had seen one of my senior images on a staircase and loved that idea.  I love this staircase, it is so formal and regal.  So to go along with it, she and her handsome family decided to dress to the nines.  I LOVE that idea. I can’t tell you how much I love it when families really go all out with their clothing.  I mean seriously, look at them, they are classic and look amazing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are such a good looking family, as well.

I want to say this may have been early December last year.  We had had two previous dates cancelled due to weather, so we were super late in the game, but we had a random gorgeous day.  This first image was something different – we wanted a different look, so I went like a movie poster.  Getting the little one not to smile was not an easy feat. LOL

Elmhurst photographer



I think I love this one even more, though.  Very Great Gatsby-ish.  I love making this beautiful mom the center of attention, even though she is slightly insane and never thinks she looks good. 😉Naperville photographer


Of course, we had to get some of these silly brothers together.  We also did individuals, but I wanted to focus on family pictures for this blog post.Downers Grove photographer



It is fun for me to play with families and how to pose them in different ways.  One of the reasons I really love stairs – they let me do more things!Hinsdale photographer


I think they ended up using this one for their holiday cards last year.

Plainfield family photographer


I always love a little cuddling, too, for families.  Even if they are dressed up so nicely.

Oswego family photographer

Last November, we still had some decent days left, thank goodness!  Seniors pictures are an all year sport around here, though mostly they get done in summer and fall.  This Naperville senior was eeking in at the tail end of the fall season.  I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeously thick, long hair.  You know I love some hair!

I’m not sure why these rocks look so fake here, but I swear they weren’t. LOL  She looks like an ad for visiting Vermont or something.  Man, I  miss that weather with this 90+ degree weather we are currently having.

Naperville photographer



While I loved the jeans and sweater, this burgundy dress was gorgeous in the tall amber grasses and my moss green chair.  Downers Grove photographer


With the sun provided some rim light, her hair looks angelic.

Hinsdale photographer


Like I said, the weather was gorgeous on our outing.Burr Ridge senior photographer


Then one last outfit change.  Another sweater. I  love sweaters for their textures, and this cream one just made her glow.

Aurora senior photographer


Such a sweet girl – good luck with college!

Elmhurst senior photographer


It is time to start scheduling your 2019 senior consultations!  If you are looking for a Naperville senior photographer (or for the western suburbs), give Firefly Nights Photography a call today.