What do you do when you are a Naperville senior photographer and have a teenage senior boy who (like many) has no desire to have his pictures taken and is only doing it for his mother?  Well, I try to make it fun for him and at least something cool.  I found this location for this Neuqua Valley High School senior that was perfect.  I mean how cool is it to go an actual junk yard?  We were fortunate enough to receive permission to shoot on location, which I greatly appreciate.

The building was a photographer’s dream – a large dilapidated warehouse with awesome bricks, holes in the roof, letting in shafts of light.  It was seriously awesome.  So awesome that a movie was even filmed there.  The first place we spotted was this pile of tires. I told him to carefully see if he could get to the top (the picture doesn’t do it justice).  Being a mom, he almost gave me a heart attack just jumping from one to another to the top.  LOL  But it certainly made for a great picture!


Naperville senior photographer


Along with the red brick, there was this great stone wall…with more tires.  And a wheelbarrow. LOL

Downers Grove photographer


Seriously, check out these arched windows.  Just gorgeous.  And since it is basically an abandoned building, plants were growing through the windows.  What you don’t see is that aisles of cars were everywhere.

Hinsdale photographer


Then it was time to go outside.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


Then we left the junk yard and went looking for a graffiti wall.  And of course we found this AMAZING graffiti mural.  It was not in the best of neighborhoods, so we went VERY quickly. LOL  It also helped that his dad was with us (who is a large man) to be our lookout.  Still, well worth the adventure, don’t you think?

Wheaton senior photographer


Lastly, we had to do some sportraits for this football quarterback.  Here is a collage I created from them.


When I’ve watched a baby since our newborn session together, it is always a bit of a shock to see them at their one year session.  They have grown and changed so much! Teeth and hair and smiles!  So while this was a one year session, we also did some great sibling pictures.  When I saw the daughter’s dress, I was in heaven.  Can I just have all my clients wear that dress?  I love it.  And in case you are wondering where she got it, you can go shop (and then bring for our session) at Dollcake.  I love it when people dress up for pictures.  These two little brothers couldn’t have been more adorable with their little suits.

Naperville baby photographer


Don’t you just love playing with babies?  Well, maybe you don’t, but I do!  Getting them to smile and play with me makes my day.

Downers Grove baby photographer


Then it was time for just the birthday boy.  He enjoyed playing with some cars of mine.

Hinsdale baby photographer


And since he was shirtless, we kept him that way and tossed him on the bed where he found my baby bear.  This teddy bear has been well loved in the many years I have had him.

Oak Brook photographer


And while we were up on the bed, we got his brother and sister up, too, for some more sibling pictures. And I love bare feet in contrast with their dressy clothes.

Plainfield baby photographer



This was such a wonderful session.  I admit – having a session at someone’s home (without having seen it before hand), can be a little nerve wracking.  But this was a lovely backyard!  Thankfully, we had the shade that we needed to create these beautiful extended family pictures.  Being a Naperville family photographer, I love it when my clients have me create extended family pictures for them.  With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve been asked by several families if I’m available, since people have their families coming into town. Unfortunately, I’ll be visiting my own family, but definitely keep Firefly Nights Photography in mind for the next time you need a Naperville family photographer.

I’ve decided I love navy this year for colors – it goes great with yellows and whites, or for fall great with purples and mustard yellow.  There were two new little grand babies for our session.  For this occasion, it was at the grandparents house with one family in town from out of state.  A celebration of the newest members.

Naperville family photographer


Such a handsome family with the parents and their adult children.

Downers Grove family photographer


This girl was so proud to be a big sister.

Elmhurst family photographer


And congratulations on this family’s new baby – just a few weeks old!  And I love including dogs into the family pictures.

Hinsdale family photographer


Then we have the adult siblings!  With adult siblings, it is always a little funny with posing. I ask – who annoys whom the most?  Who hates being touched?  Who is ticklish?

Oak Brook photographer


And of course, the grandparents who make this all possible.

Plainfield photographer

If you are looking for a Naperville family photographer (or Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, etc), we encourage you to check out more of our work in the Galleries section of our site.  We are here for all of your photography needs – from maternity and newborn, through high school senior and family sessions.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your own extended families.  Be sure to get some pictures – and step away from behind the camera and make sure you are in some, too!

When I did this girl’s big sister’s senior portraits, we really went all out, so I knew that when she walked in, we needed to do something equally as awesome.  This gorgeous Naperville Central High School senior was up for something really dramatic, as long as we also did something more casual.  She used my professional hair and makeup team to help create her initial look for our urban setting.  Being a Naperville senior photographer, I take kids to many locations based on their personality, clothing, and vision we have decided on.  She knew she wanted urban and brought in several outfits, so while she had her hair and makeup done, I went through the options and put together her outfits.  We broke her session into two different days since she wanted totally different looks.

So let’s start with the urban one.  I love the sleeked back hair and braid.  She did a couple of different outfits at this urban location.  I liked this top and jeans with the brick and stairs.

Naperville photographer


Hinsdale photographer


Then this was my favorite outfit – a cream shell with army green camo jeans.  I’ve noticed that army green pants have been very trendy this year.  I love the lighting on this image

Wheaton photographer


Then we got together on another day, so she could have sweet curls and different makeup.  We found this gorgeous field of flowers.

Plainfield senior photographer

And then the pinnacle of our session – the one that we had discussed to make her session really “Wow”.  When I told her about it, she was a little leery, but it worked out perfectly.  I brought along the skirt and had her climb a ladder to get tall enough, then mom billowed the ends for me and got a serious workout to get it like this.  We learned a leaf blower wasn’t nearly powerful enough.  And, yes, that is totally real.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


Lastly, we rocked some athlete shots of this amazing soccer superstar.


If you are looking for amazing senior portraits, look no further! Firefly Nights is a Naperville senior photographer studio that specializes in creating amazing, original, pieces of art for your seniors.  Want something totally amazing?  Consider a snow session this winter!

I have the pleasure of seeing and photographing this smiley family every year.  So every year I see the children be a bit bigger, a bit more personality.  Watching their daughter go from a shy, quiet toddler to this effervescent girl is awesome.  Their middle child tends to be the sensitive one and can be hit or miss with being in the mood for pictures.  And their youngest is always a ham.  Normally, we do outdoor pictures, but this year they opted for something in studio for a change.

On this day, my studio was filled with giggles.  It was a wonderful sound and so much fun.  You can practically hear the laughter coming from this picture.

Naperville photographer

No, I was wrong.  You can definitely hear the laughter hear, can’t you?  When I cull through the images to decide which ones to edit, I couldn’t pass up this one.  Ones that make me laugh usually make it to the final gallery, because as a parent, I would want to look at these goofy faces.

Downers Grove family photographer


Then it was time for a formal family picture – as formal as possible with such smiley, silly kids.


It is too hard to keep them formal. I much prefer cuddly.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then we switched things up with a brighter set.  I may love this one best.  I don’t know if we could ever do better.  They look like an ad, and it really wasn’t posed much.  The older two just cuddled into each other like that and were so sweet and calm.  It took more finagling for the youngest.

Wheaton photographer


Of course we did some family pictures there, too.  Or more like, super family group hugs!  When arranging families, I tend to ask if someone is more of a mommy’s or daddy’s child, so they are at their happiest and most comfortable.

If you are looking for an Elmhurst photographer –  or a Naperville photographer – we hope you choose Firefly Nights Photography!