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Back in my day…  Ok, that makes me sound like an old fogey.  But, seriously, back in my day, senior pictures were nothing like they are now.  So if you currently have a senior in high school, you need to be prepared – senior pictures are a THING!

What you may not know (this is at least for the schools around here) is that the pictures done for the yearbook (usually by a specific, contracted company), are NOT what we are talking about.  Yearbook pictures are there own thing.  Senior photography is something custom for each senior.  An entire experience where they are the star.

Naperville senior photographer


Being a Naperville senior photographer, I see seniors from all over Chicago, especially the western suburbs like Hinsdale, Downers Grove, Oswego, etc.  And so I know locations all over to best suit each senior’s personality.

Hinsdale senior photographer


When a client chooses Firefly Nights Photography as their senior photographer, I like to do an in-person consultation whenever possible because I want to get us all on the same page. And I want to make these sessions amazing for the senior. Now, senior girls tend to be excited for their senior pictures (usually). Some will have inspiration images to show me or ideas to share. While some seniors (more boys than girls) are only doing this because their moms are making them. LOL

Wheaton senior photographer


And here is what the seniors don’t really understand.  The pictures aren’t just for them.  In reality, the experience is for them, and maybe a picture or two. But really, these pictures are for their parents.  In just months, most of these kids will be off to college and no longer at home. And these pictures are something to treasure as the parents miss their kids. Because, trust me, it is HARD when they first go away.

Plainfield senior photographer


And these are also for their future selves. Because in ten to twenty years, they will look back and think, “Man, I looked good!” LOL

St Charles senior photographer


All we do is about capturing a fleeting moment in someone’s life. A pivotal moment. From child to adulthood. Because even though they think they are all grown up, we will always see the babies they were.

Burr Ridge photographer

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