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Let’s face it, being a Naperville photographer means we don’t exactly have access to fields of flowers, gorgeous mountains, beautiful beaches, etc. And I’ve never had the opportunity to create beautiful art at one of the many orchards around here, but a couple years ago, I got that chance! We received permission to do a family session at the orchard when no one was around.  That’s the thing about doing sessions in really popular places – you cant’ exactly make people not be there, too. So getting approval was key, as we also had to have the sun in the right spot, so the people weren’t squinting into the sun.

It was like creating a Hallmark Movie ad, right? It is utterly perfect.

Naperville photographer


They planned their outfits perfectly – using the red of the apples to lead the colors of the clothing. I love the boots on the youngest son! Now, if you want to have a special venue like this for your own photo shoot, you need to make sure your photographer has PERMISSION to shoot. It is really not cool, and super unprofessional to go to a public place and assume you can photograph there. What many people don’t realize is that there are many places that let families take personal photos but professional photos are not allowed or require a permit.

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Now that we’ve hit winter, you may be thinking there’s no point to a family session, but that is so not true! Snowy sessions are amazing! And don’t forget we have our own studio in downtown Naperville, as well.

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And just because we stayed in one spot doesn’t mean we weren’t able to capture a ton of pictures with variety – from full family to individuals of the kids. I loved having each child posed in a way to show their own personalities.

St Charles photographer


Since this has been a couple years now, and I see this family every year, it is fun to look back on how the kids have grown.

Plainfield photographer


I love being a Naperville photographer and, more importantly, being your Naperville family photographer through all of a family’s needs and big and small moments. From births to graduations and all the moments in between. Making sure the lighting and posing is perfect is my specialty.


Hinsdale family photographer

I hope you fall in love with Firefly Nights Photography and our work and make it your mission to work with us this year!

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