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Ok, so I do tend to be partial to swimmers since I was a swimmer.  But it is even more of a treat when I get to photograph a senior from my old school!  Being a Naperville senior photographer, I get seniors from all over, but it was definitely a treat to get to do the Naperville North High School boys’ swim captain for his senior pictures.  First off, he was super nice and fun to work with.  Now, if you follow me work, you probably know that I like to photograph athletes in studio and then create the rest of the image.  But I have a great swim picture at Neuqua Valley’s pool, and he wanted something similar.  So we got access to NNHS pool.  I drug three lights there and figured out how best to get him lit.  I shot from several angles, but this is by far my favorite.  I love it!  I love it so much I am entering into print competition this year.



This guy is also on the water polo team, and he also wanted a few water polo images.  This one was done how I normally do – in studio.

Plainfield senior photographer


Athlete pictures are only a small part of a senior session.  On a separate day, we trecked to this awesome place.  He built this guitar himself!  I love incorporating things that seniors are into in their pictures to make them even more personal.  He looks like a heart breaker here!  When I tell seniors that one outfit should be “them” or casual – this is a great example.

Hinsdale senior photographer


I always love a good closeup!

Elmhurst senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit change.  Something a little dressier, and that blue looked great on him.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


It is definitely time to be thinking about senior pictures!  Either you are late and need to get them done pronto for any 2019 seniors – and if that is the case, call us!  But if you have a 2020 senior, you’ll want to get scheduled for this summer or early fall.  When looking for the Naperville senior photographer – look no further.

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