Naperville Family Photographer

How do I love extended family sessions?  Let me count the ways!  LOL Or, maybe I should count the heads…  LOL

Seriously, though, I do love being a Naperville family photographer, especially when it comes to extended family sessions.  Documenting the generations.  Witnessing the relationships.  Fostering the connection of cousins, and sharing in the laughter of grandchildren.  It can be daunting to photograph such a large group, but I really love getting everyone together and then all the different breakouts within a large family.  What was great about this family, is I had photographed two of the subset families before.  Thank you to them for bringing me the entire clan!

Stairs are a great way to pose a large group like this.  It was a gorgeous day!

Naperville family photographer


All you need is just a few stairs to create levels and be able to get close enough to everyone.

extended family


I always love getting all the grand kids and great grand kids together with the matriarch of this lovely family.

Hinsdale family photographer



Navy and white make for a great color scheme.  This was one family subset with a bunch of little stinkers.

Plainfield photographer


And nothing pops against yellow better than blues!  I love this yellow couch and how everyone looks gathered around it.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then we had to celebrate the woman who made this all possible with a beautiful picture of just her.  She joked that the family could use it at her funeral.  She had plenty of spunk, that’s for sure!

Chicago extended family photographer


The next time you have all the extended family together, why not have a photographer capture the moment with timeless pictures?  Firefly Nights is a Naperville photographer ready for whatever needs you have when photographing your family…well, not weddings.  I don’t touch those. LOL  But anything else, give us a call!  Granted, you might want to wait till it warms up if you want something outdoors, but we also have a lovely studio if you don’t!

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