Hinsdale Photographer

On the day that I write this, our windchill is -50.  It is a crazily cold day today, and it is so weird to look back to this session this past summer.  It was a hot, hot day.  But what I remember most was that it was BUGGY.  Full of mosquitoes. They had everyone wear one of those mosquito repellent bracelets to help.  I don’t know if they helped at all, as it was pretty miserable.  We went super fast and were able to get some great pictures, but man, I will always remember how much we were swatting away the bugs.

So while I am a Naperville photographer, I do travel all around to find great locations for sessions.  This location in Lemont was chosen by my clients.  They had their wedding pictures here and wanted to return.  I’m always up for something new.  Now, remember how I said it was buggy?  Well, it was really not helped by being on the water.  Water is gorgeous, but at the end of summer and late in the day, mosquitoes are everywhere.  Let’s also talk about clothing. For family sessions, clients often ask for my input on what to wear.  I have to say that navy is a great color.  And navy with yellow looks great together.  I loved how everyone looked and enjoyed meeting their newest daughter!

Naperville family photographer


I don’t get to be right on the water often, and it was cool to have such a scenic environment to where we could even see the clouds in the water’s reflection.

Wheaton photographer


We left that spot as quickly as possible, as it was less buggy farther away from the water.  The girls loved being super silly with me.  I met this family last year and did their pictures then, and my how their oldest has matured!  I can’t wait to see what they are like the next time I see them.

Oakbrook photographer


Middle sister was so funny.  Can’t you just tell she’s a stinker with those mischievous eyes?  And who doesn’t love those sweet curls?

Elmhurst photographer


Their baby sister was too little to put down on her own, so we didn’t get any individuals of her this time, though I’m sure we will do it next summer.

Oswego photographer