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Being a Chicago headshot photographer, I see quite the variety.  Being located in downtown Naperville, I get plenty of corporate headshots of all sorts, or branding pictures.  But I also get actor and modeling headshot requests.  This first guy is a local actor looking to expand his horizons.  As we worked together, I asked what type of roles he typically gets – and he tends to be “the bad boy” look, which I can totally see.  So we played up to that personality, even though he was super nice in person.  With actors and models, I make sure not to over edit, as I know casting directors need to know exactly what they are getting.

Naperville headshot photographer


Horizontal headshots are definitely the hot thing these days.  I, also, love them.  Definitely makes you stand out from the rest.

Chicago actor


And doing a mixture of in studio and natural light provides for some great variety.

Wheaton headshot photographer


Another type of “headshot” session I’ve done is for fitness or bodybuilders.  This Chicago police officer is my second CPD body builder to come through my doors.  He was getting ready for his first body building competition and wanted to get pictures of himself at the peak of fitness.  He looked great, and we had a fun time creating these looks.  I mean, come on.  What fun is this?!

sexy fitness


When photographing for fitness, it is all about the muscles.  All about the body, so lighting is key to showcasing the hard work they’ve done.  This one looks like something out of a romance book cover, don’t you think? I  love it!

Naperville fitness photographer


And just one more from this short session.

Chicago bodybuilder


Are you in need of professional headshots?  What about gorgeous fitness photography?  No matter what your need, Firefly Nights Photography is here for you.  We love working with you to create the images you need – for the audience you are looking for – to tell the story of you.

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