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Waiting for the arrival of their little one.   Being a Naperville maternity photographer is awesome.  I get to see people on the cusp of becoming a family, about the become parents.  When they are still all about each other and the idea of loving another is still a bit nebulous.  For this wonderful couple, they wanted to sneak the name of their soon to be son into some images.  What was great, was that no one knew the name! So I got to be one of the first!  Now since I’m really behind on blogging, they have already had their little guy, and we’ve already had their newborn session, which they are waiting on me to edit.  LOL

It was actually the grandmother who hired me.  She found me online when she looked for a Naperville maternity photographer, and I am so glad she did! So let me go ahead and share some of their pictures – which were gorgeous! They brought the blocks, I just took the picture.

baby's name on belly


Then we went outside. It was a bright, sunny day – and just beautiful.  This gorgeous image is almost like a painting.

maternity photography


Then we did this part of the field where the grasses were golden and different and better for sitting.  Maternity sessions are really about the woman, so sometimes the husband just becomes a prop.

Downers Grove maternity photographer

And while he is a prop, it is wonderful to show the intimacy between husband and wife.  So after melting in the sun, it was time for shade, which means darker colors.  I totally love this next maternity image where he kissed her neck.  It may be my favorite.

insdale maternity photography


We also had to get one image really showing her awesome baby belly.

Oak Brook maternity photography


And lastly, one more with the name. They also brought the baby books, and I love this idea for showing the name.


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