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I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful family over the summer.  Technically, I had already known the husband, but hadn’t seen him in many years.  It was my first time to meet the rest of his beautiful family, though.  When people ask me to photograph at their home, I am always a bit nervous, as I don’t know what I am walking into, and I like to know where the light is, etc.  But they assured me there was a beautiful pond and trees across the street, and that is all we needed!  I love it when people get all dressed up for a session!

Naperville photographer


The kids delighted in being naughty and were wonderful stinkers with me.  I love making kids giggle like this.  She couldn’t STOP laughing!

Burr Ridge photographer


He had the most beautiful smile!  Such a handsome little guy.  He was very happy with the idea of being barefoot.  And can I just say I love boys with bow ties?!

Oak Brook photographer

Having children “keep their parents from floating away” is a great way to get young kids to stay still.  I’m full of tricks. And getting real smiles – well, that’s my top secret trick. 😉

Hinsdale photographer


When doing family portraits, it is also important to remember to do some of just the mom and dad.  Many times, couples haven’t had professional pictures of just them since their weddings.  That is something I always try to remedy.

Elmhurst photographer


Then we let the kids play in the pond and went for a darker edit.  I got my feet cold and wet standing in the water to get this angle.  I love rocks and water.  If people are up for getting a bit dirty, I’m all for it!

Downers Grove photographer


The brother was easier with this part, as he didn’t keep trying to climb into the water. LOL  But this one may be my favorite of the entire session.  I tend to love it when kids aren’t necessarily looking at the camera.  It feels more “real”.

Wheaton photographer

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