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Getting asked to photograph something specific for a company or business or simply being asked to do something outside of the norm is always a breath of fresh air for me.  It is like getting to stretch after a long confinement, and my brain gets to think in new ways.  I recently was asked to provide photography for a life coach’s new website.  She provides nutritional and personal support, along with her husband.  She needed a variety of images for different purposes, so we had fun creating a list of what we wanted to accomplish and had a lot of fun together.  Both she and her husband were so sweet and fun…and willing to do whatever crazy thing I asked of them. LOL

We started with some great professional headshots of her.  I love this one.

Naperville photographer


Then it was time to get some playful pictures of them together in a metropolitan setting.

Downers Grove photographer


Hinsdale photographer


We also did some cool pictures of just him.  He is in the pipeline industry, and they wanted to show that even ‘real men’ can be healthy, etc.

Elmhurst photographer


Then we did some pictures of them running.  I had them doing sprints.  Afterwards, I had them take some pictures just relaxing and being their lovey dovey selves.  I loved this one.

Wheaton photographer


Lastly, we wanted them in a kitchen. Here is where our story takes a topsy turvey twist.  We wanted them in a kitchen, but I don’t have a kitchen for them to use.  Right by the studio is right next to a Sur La Table store.  They have mock kitchens in there, but they needed corporate approval before I could shoot there, and we were in last minute need.  So I contacted a client of mine who lives within walking distance of the studio.  She is one the sweetest people ever.  I called her up and asked if she would let me photograph in her kitchen for a bit, and she agreed!  Seriously – nicest person ever.

Chicago photographer

It was a fun day with this couple!  Good luck to them on their venture.

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