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I had my second day of special needs mini sessions a couple of weeks ago.  It was an utter delight to provide our 4th – or is it our 5th?? – annual special needs mini sessions in honor of Autism Awareness month.  My assistant and I got to see old friends and make some new ones, as well.

This family was new to me and had us just crying with laughter.  Their little boy should be a comedian, he was just bubbling with good humor.  He was high-functioning autism and trouble with eye contact, but as you can see, he is extremely social and happy.

Chicago autism photographer


This boy is so very sweet.  He came in this year with his little sister.  He also has autism and absolutely loves this one anime cartoon that I wasn’t familiar with – hence the watch that is used to detect creatures. LOL

Chicago special needs photographer


This next family was new to me, and I just fell in love with all of them.  First off – I love the girls’ dresses!  Their big brother has high-functioning autism, ADHD, and anxiety.  But really, he did awesome and was full of smiles.

Naperville photographer


I’ve seen this guy come back for these mini-sessions for the past several years, and boy, has he really shown drastic improvement!  I think this was his best session, yet!  Alex is 13 and transferred to a therapeutic school last fall. It has been a breakout year. He greatly improved his social and independent living skills. He participated in the musical theatre and talent show in his school. He also participates in a variety of autism programs through his park district.

Wheaton special needs photographer


These twins have also been coming to me for years, and I love seeing how much they have progressed!  Emily has Asperger’s Syndrome and her twin brother has global delays.  They are always hilarious.

Downers Grove special needs photographer


Ok, this next group of siblings was so awesome.  I can tell this little sister is going to be nothing but trouble. LOL  They were here because the oldest son has Down Syndrome.  Aren’t they all so handsome??

Hinsdale special needs photographer


I have photographed this boy before, and he rocks.  I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing his sister (she’s the one in my Princess and the Frogs picture), but this time I got to meet the newest member of the family!  He has high-functioning autism and is possibly one of the best big brothers ever.

Elmhurst special needs photographer


This next boy was new to me, and just check out those gorgeous blonde curls!  He also has autism.  He was not one for sitting and looking at the camera, but his mom came prepared.  You see, he LOVES Thomas the Train, and so she had numbered pieces of paper and the corresponding train’s saying written down.  She would go in order and place it where I wanted him, and he would repeat the number and saying and the train’s name, all with a big smile on his face.

Plainfield special needs photographer


This next family was also new to me this year.  The oldest daughter and son both have autism and the middle daughter has ADHD.  That being said, they were a hoot and such fun to work with.

Autism photographer


It was truly my pleasure to photograph these families.  I love being able to show the world the beauty, joy, and just humanity of special needs children.  Differences do not make us worse or less.  They expand our expectations and give us new experiences.  I hope all of these families have a wonderful year.  I can’t wait to see them again next year!

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