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A woman’s body is subject to many things during our lifetime.  It is scrutinized, sexualized, compared to unrealistic images, covered up, shown off, stretched, and changing.  We go through the annoyance of monthly cycles, endure the pain of childbirth, and the hormonal storm of menopause.  Being a woman certainly has its struggles, its obstacles.  But, for all its challenges, we are something amazing – something magical.  I truly love maternity sessions.  A woman’s body during pregnancy is simply beautiful.  Some people may not fully agree, but stop thinking in terms of a sexual image.  Instead, see what is really happening – she is magic.  She is life, itself.  She is creation.  She carries inside her the hope for the future, the love between two people, and a giving of herself.  A pregnant woman is powerful.  She is magical.  And she is beautiful.

It is my honor and pleasure to be able to mark this moment in time for these women.  They do not always feel beautiful in these moments.  They are getting uncomfortable, swollen feet, stretch marks.  It is my job to remind them of the truth that they cannot always see in themselves.

Unfortunately, I cannot share many of my images from this session, as she did not want her face shown due to privacy issues.  At least I get to show you some of them!

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Firefly Nights Photography is Chicago’s premier maternity photographer for all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs.  We are located in Naperville and would love to photograph your next session, be it maternity, newborn, child, high school senior, or family.

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