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So this was an unplanned, last minute senior session.  I was visiting my parents in southern Missouri with my kids recently, and my cousin and her kids also came for a visit at the same time so the cousins could see each other. They live in Kansas (yes, another Kansas senior for me this summer! LOL).  They wanted me to take Brenna’s senior pictures.  She is getting ready to head into her senior year.  Good thing I had brought my camera on vacation!  They arrived at my parents, and we have about an hour before we were all going out to eat, so I grabbed her, asked if she needed to change or do anything, and took her and her sister just a bit down the road.  Whenever I visit my parents, I would pass this really cool, ivy-covered structure that stands in front of this tree lined grove and say that if I lived there, I would totally do photoshoots there.  The structure looks like a stone silo building that is crumbling down and just covered with ivy.  I had never had the opportunity to actually explore it – so this was the perfect time!

It was about 97 degrees and humid.  If you know me, you know I do not bear the heat well.  It was disgusting. LOL  But this structure was SO cool!  Now I also took a few pictures of her sister and them together, but this is a senior session, so I’m just showing these.  My cousins’ girls have THE blondest hair.  Believe it or not, her hair used to be even lighter – and is totally natural, as are her super blue eyes.

Chicago senior photographer


Naperville senior photographer


So, as we explored this structure, we found a rusted out door!  And guess what, it opened to the center of this strange building.  Well, it opened just enough to squeeze through.  The sun was not in a good position, but I had to take the picture, anyway.

Downers Grove senior photographer


I went inside the structure.  The ceiling was gone, and there were no windows, but it was a small, square that looked like something from a post-apocalyptic movie with all the plant life growing in it.  And it was dark. But with the sun streaming in from the doorway, we got these awesome images.

Hinsdale senior photographer


You can get a better idea as to what it looked like here:  remember, this is from the INSIDE of the building!

Elmhurst senior photographer


Wheaton senior photographer


Now, I mentioned that the building sat in front of this gorgeous tree grove.  It always looked gorgeous every time I drove past it.  And it lived up to my expectations.

Plainfield senior photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


I don’t photograph family very often, so this was a fun treat.  I’m sure I’ll be photographing her little sister next year for her senior portraits.

Firefly Nights Photography is a Chicago studio, located in Naperville.  That I happened to photograph a Kansas senior while in Missouri is a fluke. LOL  But it is too bad, as I would totally use this location again!

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    She looks like an angel!

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