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I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing these two coaches before.  They have started a team of coaches to get people healthy through exercise and lifestyles.  Their workouts are yoga and BeachBody based, but they are now getting certified to teach a hip hop dance class as part of their fitness groups and needed some pictures for their site as well as to showcase that new feature.

First, we wanted a picture of the two of them, something welcoming and friendly to attract new clients.  We didn’t want anything intimidating, but all smiles – and plenty of white space over to the left for text they will add as needed for their own advertisements and whatnot.

Chicago commercial photographer


Then we had some serious fun with the hip hop dancing.  Both of their daughters are actually dancers, and they were there with them.  We spent time going through possible moves and poses, with the girls giving their encouragement.  So much fun!  And so much awesomeness in these pictures.  I was excited to try out some new brushes to add a bit of So You Think You Can Dance style to them.  If you have or are a dancer, be sure to contact Firefly Nights Photography for some amazing dance photography.

Naperville dance photographer


Downers Grove dance photographer


And then we needed something for ad purposes – where they can add their own text, etc.  You can tell these ladies don’t lack in personality. LOL

Hinsdale commercial photographer


Next were three of their coaches.  We did formal headshots as well as fitness/yoga pictures for them.  To me, yoga is about peace and being centered, so we kept the background white for simplicity and calmness.

Elmhurst photographer


But when showcasing strength, I like an edgier look.

Wheaton photographer


And then I just loved the colors with this headshot. I’m a big fan of monochrome – having the background be the same color, just different shade of the shirt she is wearing.  And of course, this color rocks against her red hair.

Plainfield photographer


If you are interested in joining a group of wonderful women, interested in getting healthy, then check out their site at www.phase40fitness.com.

And if you are looking for a commercial photographer for professional headshots, office work, or to showcase your industry, them come to Firefly Nights Photography.  We are located in downtown Naperville and handle all of Chicago, especially the western suburbs like Elmhurst and Hinsdale.  We encourage you to look through our Galleries for more examples of our work.

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