Budding Actress | Chicago Baby and Childrens Photographer

Well, I finally got around to going for Round Two with with my daughter for her two year pictures.  Remember how Round One went?  You can read it here.  With my little tempest, I knew I wouldn’t have much time with her, nor can I count on getting her to stay put.  My secret?  Set up shop on the dining room table.  That’s right, she’s sitting smack dab on my table and knew she would fall off if she tried to make a run for it. LOL  And my husband was standing in as a catcher.  I think these two images show you how the session went and show exactly who she is – full of life and emotion – and practicing her faces to be a future actress.  I think the pouty one was after being told No when she tried to move.  Do you think with that face she has daddy wrapped around her little finger already? 🙂

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