Baby Photography 

Naperville Baby Photographer

If you are looking for newborn photography, be sure to go to our Newborn gallery.  This gallery reflect babies between three and twelve months of age.

Belly laughs, toes in the mouth, blowing rasberries.  These are the best of times.

Babies are a delight to photograph. Being a Chicago baby photographer, I get the privilege of meeting babies from all over.  I will admit, my personal favorite are my six month sessions - why?  Because babies at this age tend to be smiley and happy - best best of all - not mobile! Don't get stuck on thinking that 6 months pictures need to be right at 6 months. It is best to wait until the baby is able to sit unassisted for a few seconds, at least.

Now, when deciding on doing baby pictures, I tend to recommend newborn, six month, and one year pictures, as three month olds are only lying down.  Then at six month sessions, they are sitting, then at one year, they are either standing or at least able to stand holding onto something.  For six month sessions, do not be set on the age as much as the ability to sit unassisted for at least five to ten seconds.

If you are looking for a Naperville baby photographer - of course we welcome all of the Chicago suburbs - we hope you love our work.