Commissioned Art

Chicago Commissioned Artist

I am a photographer, true.  But I am also an internationally award winning photographic artist. I am honored to have earned the degree and title of Master Artist by Professional Photographers of America. My work continues to evolve, and in the past year or so, I have found my skills and interests leading me to creative pieces with a storytelling element.  Unlike simply dropping a subject into a digital background, I create all of the elements within these pieces, taking many, sometimes up to 30 elements, to create a wondrous piece of art.

Commissioned pieces do not follow my normal practice or pricing.  There is a $300-$500 creative fee (depending on the complexity involved), and the final image must be purchased in a 16x20 or larger wall art.  As a client, we collaborate on the vision or story, and my goal is to create a single art piece, not a gallery to choose from.

Whether you simply want to showcase the bond between your children, or a specific story like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I look forward to collaborating with you to create something totally unique and amazing.

If you are looking for a Chicago photographic artist, we hope you stop here.