Every year, I get asked to do some First Communion pictures, which I always enjoy. Usually I do them in studio.  But this time, I was asked to go to a church and photograph a group of friends who were going through this rite of passage together.  The first step was getting permission from the church for me photograph inside it.  I am grateful that we got permission during a time it was not in active use, so we were able to do what we needed without interfering or interrupting anything.  These girls may be silly as can be, but they certainly made beautiful young ladies on this day.

first communion


Each girl had her own look, and I loved seeing their individual personalities shine through.  They really enjoyed doing this photo shoot together. it made it all the more memorable for them.

Plainfield photographer


These next two girls are actually twin sisters, and the ringleaders of this event since I have photographed their family before.

Burr Ridge photographer


Even though First Communion pictures are a sort of mini session, I tried to get several different poses for each girl.

Oak brook photographer


Each girl enjoyed her moment in the spotlight while her friends watched (and giggled) in the background.


And one more of their group of friends. I hope they always look back at this time and remember their close friendship on the day of their First Communion.

Aurora photographer


If you have a child going through their First Communion this spring and are interested in commemorating the event with professional pictures, please contact Firefly Nights to discuss.  We welcome you at our studio or on location.  And we do allow a group discount if several friends want to do their pictures together, which would result in both group and individual pictures.  Just click on our Book Now or Contact Me buttons.

I’ve been unforgettably delinquent on my blog, and I’m so sorry! I’m going to try to do better in 2019, and I am so horribly behind!  This senior guy is now busy in college because I am so behind.  He was going to major in performance violin, so we had to start off in studio to do some classic – yet awesome – pictures showcasing his passion and talent.  I’m a sucker for musicians, and I always make them serenade me during our sessions. So be warned if you are musically inclined, you very well may be performing for me.  🙂  So we did both casual and modern as well as in his performance tuxedo.  I love it when senior boys were suits and tuxedos for sessions.  They are so classically gorgeous.

Violin is such a classical instrument, that we had fun doing something totally different.



But also did a classic violin portrait.

Wheaton senior photographer


Then we had our outdoor session.  The main focus of my senior sessions isn’t to create work for myself, but to create pieces to capture this pivotal moment in these teen’s lives by showcasing their own personalities.  This senior guy was outdoorsy and casual, so this location was perfect for him.

Hinsdale senior photographer


Some people are serious some are smilers.  This one was certainly on the smiley side.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


But we also had to do some serious ones, as well.  I love these stone stairs.

Naperville photographer


If you have a 2019 senior, it isn’t too late to get your senior pictures done!  We have all spring (and could even do summer), but we are also currently offering a winter special for senior mini sessions in studio! These are perfect for those who want only a few pictures or want to save money.  These senior mini sessions are offered in studio only and are happening now through mid March.

Are you in need of a professional headshot photographer?  Or do you have a business and in need of branding photography?  At Firefly Nights, we pride ourselves in providing images that our clients need – not just doing what we want.  What does that mean?  It means, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to headshots.  Being a Naperville headshot photographer, I see a wide variety of people in need of headshots.  I see actors and models, corporate executives, realtors, doctors, small business owners, lawyers, even dating needs.  And each client has their own target market to attract and need to showcase a certain personality to attract them.  It is my job as the photographer to help create that look through setting, posing, and lighting.

Here’s an example of three different women – and three totally different types of images for their work.

First up is a corporate executive. I  normally don’t choose white as a background color, as I’m typically not a fan, but I loved it with her.  Her eyes looked amazing!

Naperville headshot photographer


But we also went with dark, as well.  I think she ended up using the white one.

Downers Grove headshot photographer


Then next we have a realtor who was looking to create some personal branding with her dog and create a unique look that would grab the attention of her target clients.  She thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted her all in white. But she looks w

Oakbrook photographer



I loved this one all in black because her big giant dog had had enough. LOL

Elmhurst photographer


Then this next woman is another corporate executive, but we went with a softer look and brought it outside.  I do love people leaning against something.

Oswego photographer


And I also love doing a horizontal headshot.  They are definitely my favorite.  Getting a natural smile – love it!

I love doing senior pictures.  I love working with people on the spectrum.  And when I get to combine the two with a senior who happens to have high functioning Autism, it is near and dear to my heart.  This client decided to split the session  – half for the senior pictures and half for a family session.  Let’s start with just the senior pictures.  He was very amiable and easy going with me, though he was definitely on the serious side.  We left his family behind and went adventuring just the two of us.

Naperville photographer


Ok, I absolutely love this close up of him. It’s probably my favorite image from the entire session.  I love seeing so deeply into his eyes and the slight smile on his face.

Plainfield photographer


He then changed his shirt for what he would wear with his family.  I know leaning against a tree is old hat, but I always love it.

Elmhurst senior photographer


Ok, so let’s jump to some of the family pictures.  There were four siblings, and each had their own personality.  I loved this one of them all goofing around.  This ended up being a large wall art for them.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then we got the whole family together for some love.  I really love it when you can just feel the affection between people like this here.

Naperville family photographer


And one more of just the kids.  Fallen logs like this one and stairs are my favorite things for posing groups.

Aurora photographer


If you are looking for a Naperville senior photographer for your senior or your family, we hope you consider Firefly Nights Photography!  There are so many venues and looks, and we will work with you to create the images that fit your personality with our style.  We invite you to check out more of our work in the Galleries section.

So if you follow me, you know I love creating images to reflect a senior’s passion.  And I seem to really enjoy musicians.  Well, this percussionist will always stick in my memory.  He was such a unique soul, and I fully expect to hear his name as doing something big later in life.  My best wishes to him as he pursues music production in college.  While being a percussionist in school band, his passion is really creating – both music and poetry and everything in between.  He was definitely up for doing creative and artistic images.  Standard stuff wasn’t up his alley at all.

So we started in studio, which I really need to do more often of because they really are beautiful and something different.  I love the moody lighting here.

Naperville photographer



Now, I can do creative storytelling images on a commissioned basis and add it into a session like I did here.  I love this image and used it for my international print competition this past year, too.

Burr Ridge photographer


I loved showcasing his love of music production.  This is such a gorgeous image.

Hinsdale senior photographer


We also had fun getting on stage at Neuqua Valley High School to get out a performance marimba.  It looks like he was composited and shot on green screen, but this was simply how it looked on stage!

Plainfield senior photographer



But this senior wasn’t always serious, he had an infectious smile and great style, too.

Oak Brook photographer


Such a handsome guy.

Aurora senior photographer



Since I’m behind in my blogging, this senior is currently in college!  Hard to believe, but I hope he is enjoying it and can always look back at these pictures and remember just who he was at this period in his life.  That is really what senior pictures are all about – capturing this moment in time – a turning point in their lives that bridges childhood and adult.