As you know, Firefly Nights Photography does headshots.  We love creating professional headshots for any purpose – be them corporate, modeling/acting, dating, or whatever purpose!  Every headshot serves a purpose, and so we make sure to talk with clients about the intended use, target market or audience, and the personality they want to show.  All these factors play a part in a good photograph of yourself and should be considered in terms of lighting, background, and posing.

Here is a good example of two different types of headshots.  The first is a recently graduated teen who is going away to college and needed a good picture for rushing sororities at college.  Obviously, she needed to show a confident, friendly girl whom others would want to be a part of their sisterhood.  It didn’t hurt that she was so pretty!  Honestly, she was the sweetest thing and had a blast with her walking down the street on this pretty spring day with everything in bloom.

Naperville senior photographer


Burr Ridge photographer


I love all the pink flowers that were in bloom on this day.  It made for the perfect setting for her.

Oak Brook photographer


Then we have a totally different type of headshot with these corporate ones.  But instead of just being boring, typically conservative headshots, this woman had some style and attitude.  So we let that shine while still keeping in mind her target market.  For this first one, she wanted to show her edginess.

Wheaton photographer


But then we switched to a more traditional suit and plain background.  But we used a slightly more dramatic lighting than normal to keep up with her personality.

Naperville headshot photographer


This is my favorite of hers.


So if you are in need of an updated headshot, give us a call!  We promise to make it a painless experience. 😉  heck, I bet you even love the end result!

When you are given a toddler with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.  When his parents love the idea of storytelling.  When they say – “You’re the artist, do what you want!”  What happens then?  You get some super fun!  This little guy was so stinking cute.  We wanted to showcase what this time in life is all about – the boyishness, the innocence, the naughtiness.  So what are little boys into?  How about superheroes!

Don’t you just love his little tushy?! LOL  He may be a superhero, but he likes his bad guys, apparently.

Burr Ridge photographer



I love that it looks like he is reaching for another cape when in reality, that is just a backdrop. LOL

Oak Brook photographer


What else does a little boy love?  How about frogs?  His scrunched up nose cracks me up.

Wheaton photographer


Or maybe a little guy gone fishing?  I love little boys in overalls and shirtless.  You can just tell he is going to be trouble.

Plainfield photographer


Or maybe we should just see his colorful side to show off his bright blue eyes?  Nothing beats a great close up.

Aurora photographer


Now, if you didn’t know, you can also hire Firefly Nights for commissioned storytelling pieces.  This is where we have a discussion and decide on an image that I am going to create.  These pieces take a LOT of work, but I was super proud of this one.  Proud enough that I entered it into competition this past year and titled it, “An Audience with the Frog King”.  I love the fantastical colors to go along with this storybook image.

creative storytelling


If you are interested in a standard session or a commissioned art piece, or a combination of both, give us a call to talk about what we can do for your family.  If you are interested, take a look at more of our work in our Galleries section or on our FaceBook and Instagram pages.

This is another senior session from last spring of another Naperville senior.  It was a beautifully sunny day and a perfect setting for a laid back girl.  I always recommend that seniors have two to three outfits for their session, so that we can show the different aspects of their personality.  One of the reasons I love this location is all the variety here.  Like these great black doors and brick walls. I just love them.

Naperville photographer


She rocked this doorway,  This yellow is not typically something I like, but with the right outfit, it really pops in a picture.

Hinsdale senior photographer


Rompers have been a hot look for senior girls for a couple of years.  I love them – so cute and feminine, yet playful.

Oak Brook photographer


While a girl by a tree is nothing special – it is also absolutely gorgeous with the right lighting.  I love her smile here.

Plainfield senior photographer


This one may be my absolute favorite from this session.  I love her natural laughter here.  I don’t remember what I said that cracked her up, but I love it.  Joy is beautiful and contagious.

Oswego senior photographer

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The trouble with being so behind in my blogging, is I am forgetting so many details about my subjects! Augh!  So sorry to my clients!  But being a Naperville senior photographer, I do remember some things.  Like this beautiful young lady from this past spring.  I had a lot of seniors last spring.  In case you are feeling like you have already missed out on your senior’s pictures, it isn’t too late!  We see plenty of spring seniors and even a few in the summer after graduation.

On this spring morning, we had a gorgeous day, although it was still a little cool.  And now, this girl has graduated and gone off to college.  This location was great for a natural beauty like her, ready for a casual, though pretty setting.  You can see that this is before there were leaves, but that doesn’t really matter.

Naperville photographer


A girl and a fence – what more is needed?

Downers Grove photographer



She had such gorgeous curls!  I don’t know why people straighten hair when it can look like this.

Hinsdale photographer


Doesn’t she have a great smile?  Just looking at this, you know she is a nice girl.

Elmhurst senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit change.  I remember her freezing in this cute little romper (I adore rompers, by the way, for seniors!).  Poor thing, but she was a great trooper.  It’s always fun to show a bit of attitude during a session.

Oswego senior photographer


And these tall wheat grasses are always a hit with senior girls.  Their pretty color goes with anything.

Burr Ridge photographer


Are you looking for a Naperville photographer for your family for a special moment in your lives like a new baby, turning one, family pictures, or senior portraits?  Then look no further than Chicago’s best senior photographer – Firefly Nights.  Please browse through more of our work in our Galleries section to see more of our work.