Did you know you can purchase a physical gift card, delivered in a beautiful gift box, to give to someone in any denomination from Firefly Nights Photography?  If you want to give someone a present in celebration or in thanks, photography makes a wonderful option.  This grandmother was given such a gift by her coworkers when she retired, and she saved it for when her whole family was in town to get some lovely pictures of them all together.  Due to the travel schedule, we did the pictures at their home.  These kids were troopers, as they were utterly exhausted from a long travel, but they were great.  I tried to go quickly for their benefit before the youngest hit meltdown stage.

When going to people’s homes, I’m always nervous about what I will find in terms of lighting and background.  Thankfully, we found some shade by this large tree.

naperville family photographer


Standing or sitting – I tend to love a cuddled up family pose while sitting, especially with toddlers who can then snuggle into a parent.

Burr Ridge photographer


This older sister was simply stunning.  I couldn’t help but spend some time one on one with her.

Oak Brook photographer


Then we moved to their patio.  Stairs make for great posing of families.  And I love all the shades of blue that they wore.

Wheaton photographer


We did more family pictures and break outs, but we also had to do their fun uncle, who they decided to tickle torture.  I couldn’t help but laugh when this happened.

Aurora Photographer


The weather is getting warmer out there, which means it is time to start thinking about outdoor sessions again!  Of course, you are always welcome to come into the studio, but outdoors will soon be available to us as an option.  Don’t wait until the high heat of late summer when you will be dripping sweat (no one wants to be sweaty in pictures).  Look at those calendars and get your family sessions booked soon.

Ok, so I love it when I get to do something different.  Back in high school, I was a swimmer, and I had a fellow friend and swimmer who would sing the national anthem before every meet.  My dad clearly remembers how pretty her voice was.  Little did we know that she would go on to become an international opera singer!!  Like most people my age, I keep track of high school friends mostly via FaceBook, and have celebrated her career and life in Germany and seeing pictures of her performances. I always told her if she ever was singing in Chicago to please let me know, as I would LOVE to see her.  Then I get an email – she is coming to town and wants me to photograph her!  She needed updated promotional images for her site.  This included a regular headshot, but she also wanted to do some creative images.  Opera lends itself to storytelling and to overly dramatic tendencies like mine.  As my makeup artist was working with her, we were talking about books, and it came up that she loved darker fantasy.  And in pops the idea of a magic mirror.  I showed her my idea, and she loved it.  It is SO MUCH fun to work with a fellow creative person.  Nothing was too crazy (which is saying a lot for me).  Being an opera singer, she not only has to have an amazing voice, but she also has to act, so we wanted to show that she is a leading lady.

I had found the image of this old mirror and loved creating the woman trapped in the looking glass.

dark fantasy


I loved her gorgeous blue dress in contrast to her beautiful red hair.  And again, there was no such thing as too dramatic for her.  Love, love, love this image for so many reasons!

opera singer


I thought this just screamed dark opera.  I wanted to show her actually singing, and of course, made her actually sing for me.  It was awesome!  For someone who is a horrible singer but loves music, it was magical.

Naperville commercial photographer


Yes, I have a thing for flowing fabrics.  You can see them in some of my maternity work, as well as seniors.  It’s a thing, I guess. LOL

Burr Ridge photographer


And of course we have the headshot.

Naperville headshot photographer


If you are in need of commercial photography, or branding photography, then choose someone who can execute your own vision.  I’m thrilled that I got to be that person for her!

When was the last time all the family was together?  I’m talking about grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles – everyone.  Was it Christmas or Thanksgiving?  Probably.  But when was the last time it was everyone and wasn’t just a holiday?  Was there a photographer there to get pictures of everyone together?  Not just snapshots, but something to hang on the wall and to be passed on to the grandkids?  You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?  Being a Naperville family photographer, I really do love extended family sessions.  And this one included dogs!

Naperville family photographer


Young kids and dogs – a nightmare, right?  Wrong!  I love using large logs for posing families.  It’s fun to have a long image like this.

Wheaton photographer


And this tree was just begging for the cousins to come sit together on it.  Some were daring, some were a bit nervous, but parents were very close.  This lone boy with all the girls – what a trooper.

Plainfield photographer


Of course we had to get the grandparents with their grandkids!  All those smiles to keep you warm in the cold months.

Burr Ridge photographer


And then the people who made it all possible with their fur babies.  Their dogs were perfect little posers.  I couldn’t have asked for better, and don’t you just love those butterfly ears on the Papillion?

Oswego photographer


If you are looking for a Naperville family photographer who can photograph a small family of three to a large extended family, we hope you consider Firefly Nights Photography for your needs.  Please come check out more of our work in the Galleries section of our site.

I had a busy 2018 photographing high school seniors.  I am frequently asked what are my favorite sessions to photograph.  And honestly, it changes. It’s too hard to pick one, but seniors are certainly  on top.  It is great being able to work with a subject who can follow directions for a change. LOL  And can I tell you how much I love it when senior guys wear a suit?!  Seriously, I love photographing them in studio with some edgy lighting.

Chicago senior photographer


And who doesn’t love the GQ look?

Hinsdale senior photographer


Then it was time to go outside and just be himself.

Wheaton senior photographer


Oswego senior photographer


Naperville photographer



I love being a Naperville maternity photographer, getting to work with beautiful women from all over Chicago in the moment of life where they glow. They shine.  They are utterly beautiful.  Each and every one of them.  And each momma to be has their own look, has images they are drawn to.  It is so much fun when I get one who wants to be sexy during her maternity session.  I love doing boudoir maternity!  And it was super easy when this sexy couple.  Both of them were so much fun, and I absolutely LOVE this image.

Chicago maternity photographer


I have five maternity gowns that clients are welcome to use.  This one is one of my favorites because I love the color. It looks good on everyone.

Hinsdale maternity photographer



Husbands are always welcome to be part of a maternity session. Some women want them in most of the pictures, some want none. LOL  Unfortunately, most men do not tend to love being in front of the camera, but I was thrilled that this one wasn’t shy at all.

Oak Brook maternity photographer


Then it was time to totally change it up from dark and dramatic to light and airy.  This is another one of our dresses.

Plainfield maternity photographer


This mother to be loves flowers and wanted to incorporate flowers around her belly.  I happen to have a ton of flowers in bags that I can use, so we made this little belt for her against this beautiful blush background.

Oswego maternity photographer


If you are in need of a maternity photographer in the western suburbs of Chicago, we hope you choose Firefly Nights Photography for the occasion, and then stick around for newborn pictures!  We love to make our clients feel beautiful during this momentous time in their lives and provide them with pictures they will look back on for years to come.