When a client asks if we can include their dogs in a session, I pretty much always say yes.  I’m definitely a dog person.  And I’ve heard about their big mastiff for years and have told them repeatedly that we should include their mastiff and husky in a session.  Well, the time was right because they added a new puppy – a great dane!  Yes, these are large dog people, which I love!  So they brought in the three kids and their three dogs.  Check out the awesome outfits on the kids.  She had seen my Dog Walker image and wanted to do something with that feel – something playful – for her own family.

I had fun creating this playful image for them.  I love that the husky would go into this position on command.  She was definitely the best behaved.  The big guy was nervous about the lights and would not walk on hard wood floors, so I laid out blankets and towels to get him to walk to where I needed him.  LOL  If you notice, each kid is looking at a different dog.

Naperville photographer


I also enjoyed making an image without a background at all.  I love how the puppy cocked his head at me.

Hinsdale photographer


But we also did pictures of just the human kids, as well.  I love their formal outfits!

Burr Ridge photographer


Then there was also individuals of each child.  The youngest boy was too cheerful and silly to be in the darker setting of his siblings.

Chicago photographer


So much mischief with this guy.

Wheaton photographer


And the older sister was all for being a model on this day.  Love the setting with her dress.  The hidden door and flowers make for a dreamy scene.


If you have kids – be them of the human or canine variety – we welcome the chance to create image that reflect their personalities!

So if you’ve been a client of mine, then you will most likely recognize this next mom.  Or maybe you won’t since she is not usually so glamorous.  It was my pleasure to get to photograph my amazing assistant and her family.  We hadn’t done a full family session in years, and with her weight loss, it was time to get in front of the camera again!  She gets to see all my work since she is in charge of our sales sessions, and she had learned that she loved the look when families really dressed up.  I do, too!  There is something so timeless and elegant when families dress formally.  It is also a treat to photograph her family because it has two added challenges.  First, is that she has a large family.  There is nothing easier than posing a family of three.  With each additional family member, we have to think about posing a little more.  So with a family of nine, it was like putting together an intricate Lego building – does this piece fit here?  Secondly, her youngest son has special needs, so we cannot just expect him to sit and stay where I ask.  My biggest edits was adding shoes to him in editing, since he wouldn’t wear any. I have to give a shout out to the big brothers for being such great sports and so helpful.  Of course, I’ve already done one of their senior pictures.  There will most likely be another one this year…

Without further ado, here is my awesome assistant and her wonderful family.

Chicago family photographer


I don’t remember if it was that one or this next one that she ended up making her large wall piece.

Burr Ridge family photographer


And then we have just the kids.  Five boys then two girls.

special needs photographer


Lastly, none of this would be possible without these two love birds!

Plainfield photographer


So if you are looking for a Naperville family photographer, we hope you come check us out!

While doing portraits is definitely the main foothold of my business, I do get to step outside my norm and do commercial work or product work on occasion and be a Chicago commercial photographer.  I was originally asked to come do a photograph for the cover of a magazine for this company who was being featured in the magazine.  I was given the specifics of what they wanted for that, and here is the image we did for it.

This company is a metal recycling company, which was so cool, as I have never at all experienced the process of melting metals.  It was such a cool experience to see what is involved in this process.  And obviously, it was extremely hot when near the melting.  This was their large machine for larger molds.

melting metal


And here we got to see the use of a crucible (I may be totally wrong on that).  It took some work with my lights to really get the smoke right in the pictures.


This is definitely my favorite image from this day.  There is ZERO photoshopping going on. No added smoke or anything.


Believe it or not, what they were pouring into the mold was actual gold!  Here is the end result.

gold bar


In another area of the factory, they do smaller metals, and this cup of pure gold was so neat.  When they told me how much this little cup was worth, I was tempted to snag a few pieces. LOL  Just kidding.  Well, sort of.

Naperville photographer


I did a lot of pictures of every aspect of their factory, and it was a great experience.  They used some images for the article in the magazine, but also for their website.  So if you have a unique business with an online present, think about the images you are using to advertise your work.  Make sure they are great and personal to your business alone.  They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” for a reason.  People are visual.

Firefly Nights is ready to serve your needs for your target market, reflecting your business brand.

Do you have furry family members?  Are your dogs beloved?  Do you maybe love your dogs more than your kids? LOL  Ok, well, maybe not that last one, but if you are a dog person, you get it, and if you are a real dog person, do you have a beautiful portrait of your canine hanging on your walls?  Do you know who to go to for a Naperville dog photographer? I’m not talking a snapshot done with your phone, I’m talking something timeless?    I do dog sessions all year round, but I do a special dog mini sessions in the winter.  Here are a couple from this past winter.

Let’s start with this beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer.



I absolutely love a good closeup.  Look at those expressive eyes on this pup.  I try to pick backgrounds that have good color tonality with each dog.  So for this one, I chose a dark chocolate brown.

Chicago dog photographer


And we also had this one year old Bernese Mountain Dog, who I hadn’t seen since she was a little puppy.  She is still such a sweetie.  And since I also own a Berner, I am a total sucker for this breed.  For her, I went with a grey background.  I love her coloring.

Hinsdale dog photographer


She was a little stressed being in the studio under the lights, but could you ask for a better classic dog portrait?

Elmhurst dog photographer


So if you are looking for a Naperville dog photographer (or just the western burbs for a Chicago dog photographer), then we hope you give Firefly Nights Photography a call!  We love all breeds (though obviously I’m a sucker for big ones, especially).  Whether you like classic portraits like this done in studio, or if you like a more playful, contemporary approach with being outside, we will do it all.

When ballet dancers audition for parts or summer intensives or specific camps, they traditionally need professional headshots as well as a picture of them in arabesque.  Since I’ve done these a few times, I know what to look for in terms of form. It also helps that I have a friend who is a professional ballet coach on the east coach who has pointed out what to look for, so I can help the ballet dancer to get the perfect pose for their picture.  Like making sure the foot is upturned, her carriage is tall and not leaning too far forward, etc. Being a Naperville dance photographer, I really do love working with athletes of all sort.  And doing classic images like this is lovely.

I never did find out if this lovely girl got in for her summer intensive, but I hope she did!  I love the ballet fingers, as I call it. Those delicate winged fingers like a bird in flight.


And then we had to do the standard headshot.  Sometimes I have to do somewhat boring, even if pretty.  


And then we played around a bit more, and I absolutely LOVE this image of her – a classic portrait in the vein of the old masters.  When I saw the open back of the leotard, I knew I wanted to show it off.  Makes me think of the painting, Girl with A Pearl Earring, with the Rembrandt lighting and elongated neck.  I’ve actually used this one for image competition this year.

Hinsdale dance photographer


So if you need a Naperville dance photographer for audition pictures, or just pictures, give Firefly Nights Photography a call today!

Of course, Firefly Nights is here for all of your portrait needs – be them dancer and athlete, to newborns and babies, to families or commercial shoots.  Please browse through our galleries to see more of our work.