If you follow my work, you know I love senior athletes and musicians.  I have a real passion for creating amazing pieces for those interests and talents.  When I met this Neuqua Valley High School senior last year, he got to be my very first senior opera singer! I actually have had a second since him, but it was awesome to do something new and with such a talent!  He is currently at University of Indiana studying opera.  Of course, I made him serenade me in his beautiful tenor voice while I took pictures.  It was awesome.  And since I think an opera singing senior is pretty amazing, I wanted to create an image that was worthy of him.  I was very proud of creating this one, as I shot all of these sheets of music as he tossed them into the air and then created this masterpiece.  It did great in competition last year.



Then we did a bunch in studio of him in his performance tuxedo.  I think this is my favorite from that series (besides the above one).  It is so classic and sexy.

Plainfield senior photographer


Now, you’ve seen the above – the stoic and serious performer.  Now see that real guy – this happy, joyous boy with the megawatt smile.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


I love the light and airy colors in contrast with the dark and moody that we did in studio.  While both are parts of his personality, I think the smiling ones are really what people think of when they think of him.

Downers Grove senior photographer


But, he could knock out a moody look outside, as well. LOL   I love the brick and edgy scene paired with a simple jeans and T-shirt.

Chicago senior photographer


This kid is now almost done with his freshman year in college. I hate that I am so far behind in my blogging!  But I will always remember this Naperville senior for being my first opera singer, but also just being awesome.  I hope I get to see him perform someday on a big stage.

Ok, so I do tend to be partial to swimmers since I was a swimmer.  But it is even more of a treat when I get to photograph a senior from my old school!  Being a Naperville senior photographer, I get seniors from all over, but it was definitely a treat to get to do the Naperville North High School boys’ swim captain for his senior pictures.  First off, he was super nice and fun to work with.  Now, if you follow me work, you probably know that I like to photograph athletes in studio and then create the rest of the image.  But I have a great swim picture at Neuqua Valley’s pool, and he wanted something similar.  So we got access to NNHS pool.  I drug three lights there and figured out how best to get him lit.  I shot from several angles, but this is by far my favorite.  I love it!  I love it so much I am entering into print competition this year.



This guy is also on the water polo team, and he also wanted a few water polo images.  This one was done how I normally do – in studio.

Plainfield senior photographer


Athlete pictures are only a small part of a senior session.  On a separate day, we trecked to this awesome place.  He built this guitar himself!  I love incorporating things that seniors are into in their pictures to make them even more personal.  He looks like a heart breaker here!  When I tell seniors that one outfit should be “them” or casual – this is a great example.

Hinsdale senior photographer


I always love a good closeup!

Elmhurst senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit change.  Something a little dressier, and that blue looked great on him.

Burr Ridge senior photographer


It is definitely time to be thinking about senior pictures!  Either you are late and need to get them done pronto for any 2019 seniors – and if that is the case, call us!  But if you have a 2020 senior, you’ll want to get scheduled for this summer or early fall.  When looking for the Naperville senior photographer – look no further.

When I was deciding where to base my studio, one of the biggest reasons I chose downtown Naperville was because Naperville has five public high schools.  Not even mentioning all the high schools in the surrounding suburbs!  It is truly my pleasure to get to photograph so many Naperville seniors.  This young man was a football player for Naperville Central High School.  I loved taking him somewhere totally different.  If your senior is looking for something rugged and definitely masculine, this spot is perfect.  As a photographer, I can’t get over the gorgeous dilapidation of this junk yard and am thrilled that we had permission to shoot there.

But first let me show one of his athlete pictures.  I love being able to give seniors something awesome like this.

Naperville Central High School


Now back to this awesome junk yard.  We were both covered in dust in just minutes of being there, but well worth it!  I think this is my favorite image from this session.

Wheaton senior photographer



Look at this amazing brickwork at this place!  The broken out windows just added to the feel.  I could shoot there all day.  Can you see that thick layer of dust on everything?  His butt was just coated after this shot, poor guy. LOL

Hinsdale photographer


Then we went a block away to this awesome graffiti mural. I love the blue against his black shirt.  I wish I knew of more graffiti walls (that are safe to shoot at)!

Burr Ridge senior photographer


Then it was time for an outfit and location change to something more clean cut and less edgy – downtown Naperville.  Also time for some smiles.  That blue was a great color for him.

plainfield senior photographer


There was some beautiful lighting on the covered bridge that I couldn’t resist.  While I always bring lighting to my sessions, sometimes natural light can be equally as dramatic like here.

Chicago senior photographer

I love photographing athletes, and dancers are certainly some of my favorites because they understand how to position themselves for an audience.  It lends itself naturally to photography.  Most of the athletes I photograph tend to be high school seniors, but I lucked out and was asked to do a special dance session for these twins for their birthday.  They were full of ideas and energy and an incredible amount of fun.  I think they would have been happy to go all day.  Unfortunately, they did have birthday plans later that day, so we did eventually have to call it quits.  But not before getting some amazing dance pictures for them.

These girls are serious dancers and brought a few different uniforms.  Jazz and contemporary were their favorite styles of dance. Seriously, they were up for anything and everything.  So much fun to showcase their athleticism.  Here is one of the girls.  I made sure to do individuals as well as pictures together, working hard to not let them do the same poses as each other.

Naperville photographer



While being twins, they definitely still had their own strengths and were great supporters of each other.  They critiqued and cheered each other on, running back to see the image on the back of my camera to make sure their positioning was perfect.

Hinsdale photographer


We also changed into some jazz uniforms and went with a bright white background.  This next one is my very favorite image from the session.  I just love it!

Burr Ridge dance photographer


And let’s not forget an individual of the other twin this time.

Elmhurst dance photographer


And since this family was going out to a birthday dinner, they decided to also get a quick family picture in together.  Such a gorgeous family!  I love their matching pink outfits in the midst of all the neutral grey.

Wheaton photographer

What could be more honoring than when a client chooses you out of all the photographers?  That is pretty awesome.  So what can be even more amazing?  When a client chooses you from out of state and brings their senior to you from hours away to get their senior pictures done!  I had met this family during the original Harry Potter night that downtown Naperville threw years ago.  They loved my work so much (and wanted to give their son something different from everyone else around them), that they made the trip to see me.  Seriously, I’m so honored and humbled.

I had three senior percussionists last year, but this was my first marching band one!  I loved getting some pictures of the big drum and tall feathered hat.

marching band drummer


The whole family came for the day and enjoyed hanging out in downtown Naperville while this guy and I walked around and did our thing without an audience. I find that lots of teens can relax more without their parents around.  I love getting real, natural smiles, especially from senior guys who tend not to love the camera as much as girls.

Chicago senior photographer


How awesome that there is so much environmental variety all within walking distance of the studio?  This is one of my favorite spots, and one of my favorite poses for guys.

Wheaton senior photographer


With each stop, he changed shirts, so we not only got variety in location, but also clothing.

Elmhurst senior photographer


I love a good closeup.  There is just something compelling about eyes, especially with a serious expression.

Oak Brook photographer


And since the whole family came on this journey, we also had to get some family pictures while they were here.  Can I tell you how much I love that they all wore Converse shoes! Seriously, that is so awesome!

Aurora photographer


We are getting ready to head into senior season again – are you ready?  We are!