I love doing senior pictures.  I love working with people on the spectrum.  And when I get to combine the two with a senior who happens to have high functioning Autism, it is near and dear to my heart.  This client decided to split the session  – half for the senior pictures and half for a family session.  Let’s start with just the senior pictures.  He was very amiable and easy going with me, though he was definitely on the serious side.  We left his family behind and went adventuring just the two of us.

Naperville photographer


Ok, I absolutely love this close up of him. It’s probably my favorite image from the entire session.  I love seeing so deeply into his eyes and the slight smile on his face.

Plainfield photographer


He then changed his shirt for what he would wear with his family.  I know leaning against a tree is old hat, but I always love it.

Elmhurst senior photographer


Ok, so let’s jump to some of the family pictures.  There were four siblings, and each had their own personality.  I loved this one of them all goofing around.  This ended up being a large wall art for them.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then we got the whole family together for some love.  I really love it when you can just feel the affection between people like this here.

Naperville family photographer


And one more of just the kids.  Fallen logs like this one and stairs are my favorite things for posing groups.

Aurora photographer


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So if you follow me, you know I love creating images to reflect a senior’s passion.  And I seem to really enjoy musicians.  Well, this percussionist will always stick in my memory.  He was such a unique soul, and I fully expect to hear his name as doing something big later in life.  My best wishes to him as he pursues music production in college.  While being a percussionist in school band, his passion is really creating – both music and poetry and everything in between.  He was definitely up for doing creative and artistic images.  Standard stuff wasn’t up his alley at all.

So we started in studio, which I really need to do more often of because they really are beautiful and something different.  I love the moody lighting here.

Naperville photographer



Now, I can do creative storytelling images on a commissioned basis and add it into a session like I did here.  I love this image and used it for my international print competition this past year, too.

Burr Ridge photographer


I loved showcasing his love of music production.  This is such a gorgeous image.

Hinsdale senior photographer


We also had fun getting on stage at Neuqua Valley High School to get out a performance marimba.  It looks like he was composited and shot on green screen, but this was simply how it looked on stage!

Plainfield senior photographer



But this senior wasn’t always serious, he had an infectious smile and great style, too.

Oak Brook photographer


Such a handsome guy.

Aurora senior photographer



Since I’m behind in my blogging, this senior is currently in college!  Hard to believe, but I hope he is enjoying it and can always look back at these pictures and remember just who he was at this period in his life.  That is really what senior pictures are all about – capturing this moment in time – a turning point in their lives that bridges childhood and adult.

I see all sorts of people and do all sorts of sessions, but I never get to know a client as well as I do with high school senior sessions.  I love getting to know their personalities – introverts and extroverts.  Artists and jocks.  Musicians and world changers.  I love hearing about what they like, what they intend to be in just a few more years.  But I do have to say, when I get a performaner (dancer, theater, singer), I sort of do a happy dance.  At least in my head.  Because there is something about photographing people who are used to an audience, who know how to deliver to an audience, who know how to emote that is a dream for a photographer.

This Neuqua Valley High School senior was such a cool girl – just super nice and laid back, and incredibly photogenic.

Naperville photographer



Her denim dress looked great against the brown wooden columns.

Downers Grove senior photographer


So, while she had a gorgeous smile and was super sweet, she could rock a serious, intense look.

Elmhurst senior photographer


Away from the shade, it was time to go into the sun and with another outfit.  I love this close up of her.  She had simply gorgeous eyes.

Plainfield senior photographer



People will ask about what their child should wear for their senior session, and I always say you want a couple outfits that reflect their personality.  I love this one – casual and cool.  I love the layers and textures.Chicago senior photographer


And one more from this Naperville senior photographer.  I love those pretty curls.

Hinsdale photographer


While we are entering into winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t still do senior pictures!  And keep an eye out for a special offering we will be doing for seniors this winter in studio…  We hope you choose Firefly Nights Photography to be your family’s photographer for all of your needs.

I had quite a musical spring with some talented senior musicians.  With this senior, I got my hands on a drummer.  He had an awesome full head of hair and an attitude that was made for a serious look.  He rocked a serious, intense look.  A lot of times, senior boys are not into having their pictures taken.  They are doing it for their mom.  And that’s fine, but I do try to make it a good experience for them.

Naperville photographer



I love this close up of him.

Downers Grove photographer



That hair is just too great.  I think I’m jealous of it. LOL

Hinsdale senior photographer


When I did this image, I told him he looked like a model.  Check out that jawline!  I love this spot with the pillars.  Makes for a great picture.

Oak Brook photographer



He wasn’t always serious.  He did smile sometimes, too.

Oswego senior photographer


Now, when they told me he was a drummer, I asked what type (I have a percussionist son, so I’m well versed in all things with a beat).  His favorite was the drum kit.  As soon as they said that, I instantly had an idea that I have been wanting to do.  I told them they could feel free to say no, but asked if they would be willing to let me put water on their drums sort of like Blue Man Group.  It definitely took some experimenting to get it right in terms of the colored gels and the water placement, but I love the end result.  Biggest tip – normally drum heads would be tiled toward him, but water runs right off them if you do that.  As we learned quickly. LOL  So you have to have them truly flat to make it work.

Chicago senior photographer


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Babies, babies, babies! I do love me some newborn babies!  But who doesn’t, right?  Well, maybe plenty don’t, but I do enjoy getting some newborn snuggles when I get to be a Naperville newborn photographer like on this day with this tiny guy.  I had the opportunity to photograph him while he was still in his momma’s belly then to meet him once he arrived to the world.  While I have plenty of props and clothing and whatnot for newborn sessions, parents are always welcome to bring in items of their own.  This first image shows an outfit they had brought. I like to to note of that in case someone asks if they can use a specific outfit. It is super cute, though.

Naperville baby photographer


And then it was time for my own hats and some naked tushy time.  Look, he was even happy about it with that little smile!  This is definitely one of my favorite newborn poses.  I love being able to see his little bottom and his little piggies on his foot.

Downers Grove baby photographer


Burr Ridge newborn photographer


And then time for some baby blues for this little boy.  How perfect is he? Don’t you just want to kiss those lips?

Wheaton baby photographer


I love being able to see his cord in this image.  They will always be able to look back remember just how fresh he was here.  Forever tiny and perfect.

Plainfield newborn photographer


This hat and this basket tend to be a favorite for clients.  Perhaps because I have I have a large picture of it hanging in the studio. But it is always fun to do. I love how his arm is hanging over the side.

Oswego newborn photographer


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