Even though this newborn session was many months ago, I have been blessed with a ton of newborn sessions this winter! I am loving it! So what better than to be able to look back to one of my newborn sessions which just happens to have one of my very favorite images?  Firefly Nights is a Naperville newborn photographer, but our clients come from all over Chicago and the western suburbs.  We highly recommend doing newborn pictures within the first two weeks of life if at all possible because we want the baby sleepy and liking to still curl up and be posed.

I don’t use this teal bucket very often, but I really love the color, and it pops so nicely against her pink hat.  She couldn’t have posed any more perfectly!

Naperville photographer



Ok, this next one is one of my very favorite images ever. I had fun putting all the flowers together to create this beautiful piece.

Downers Grove newborn photographer



And besides the props, there is nothing sweeter than putting a newborn baby on a blanket and just focusing on them.

Plainfield newborn photographer


Each newborn is a little angel.  So why not add a pair of beautiful wings?  And I just can’t get over her perfect little nose.

Chicago newborn photographer



I was definitely on a flower kick with this sweet baby girl.  But she is so beautiful in all this pink and cream, and I love seeing her little toes.  I always like to do a newborn pictures from above while within something circular.  It is just an aesthetically pleasing structure.

oak brook newborn photographer


2019 is the year of newborns, apparently, for Firefly Nights!  So if you are expecting, be sure to contact us to discuss and schedule your own session with a Naperville newborn photographer.  We enjoy creating pieces of art to last a lifetime and welcome our clients’ input as to the direction and inclination as to what they like.

On the day that I write this, our windchill is -50.  It is a crazily cold day today, and it is so weird to look back to this session this past summer.  It was a hot, hot day.  But what I remember most was that it was BUGGY.  Full of mosquitoes. They had everyone wear one of those mosquito repellent bracelets to help.  I don’t know if they helped at all, as it was pretty miserable.  We went super fast and were able to get some great pictures, but man, I will always remember how much we were swatting away the bugs.

So while I am a Naperville photographer, I do travel all around to find great locations for sessions.  This location in Lemont was chosen by my clients.  They had their wedding pictures here and wanted to return.  I’m always up for something new.  Now, remember how I said it was buggy?  Well, it was really not helped by being on the water.  Water is gorgeous, but at the end of summer and late in the day, mosquitoes are everywhere.  Let’s also talk about clothing. For family sessions, clients often ask for my input on what to wear.  I have to say that navy is a great color.  And navy with yellow looks great together.  I loved how everyone looked and enjoyed meeting their newest daughter!

Naperville family photographer


I don’t get to be right on the water often, and it was cool to have such a scenic environment to where we could even see the clouds in the water’s reflection.

Wheaton photographer


We left that spot as quickly as possible, as it was less buggy farther away from the water.  The girls loved being super silly with me.  I met this family last year and did their pictures then, and my how their oldest has matured!  I can’t wait to see what they are like the next time I see them.

Oakbrook photographer


Middle sister was so funny.  Can’t you just tell she’s a stinker with those mischievous eyes?  And who doesn’t love those sweet curls?

Elmhurst photographer


Their baby sister was too little to put down on her own, so we didn’t get any individuals of her this time, though I’m sure we will do it next summer.

Oswego photographer

There is a reason why the famous masters painted and sketched nude women.  The female form is inherently beautiful.  Artists have always been drawn to it.  I would argue that when a woman is pregnant, the female body is at its pinnacle.  The ultimate perfection. How can it not be when it is creating and holding life within it?  It has evolved beyond the woman into something more – something almost magical.  Certainly something to be celebrated.  Being a Chicago maternity photographer, I get to enjoy meeting couples during the prologue of their stories, right before the first chapter of the redefinition of their family.

When this gorgeous momma contacted me to tell me she was having her fourth son, I had some ideas.  But then we talked more, and I realized this was a strong woman.  This was a dynamic woman.  And she was ready to shine.  We started with a family picture with all these handsome men.

maternity phtoography


Then we got rid of the younger boys while this diva worked it.  She was so glamorous, and I loved the dress she brought!

Naperville photographer


But what they really wanted was a WOW image of the two of them.  Something sexy and bold.  We nailed it with this one!  It was so cool to do something different like this.

Hinsdale maternity photographer


I could have photographed them all day.  It is so fun when people are fearless in front of the camera.  They really stars.

Plainfield maternity photographer



And of course, we had to do my flowing fabric signature shot.

Burr Ridge maternity photographer


So if you are looking for a Chicago maternity photographer, especially in the western suburbs, we hope you check out Firefly Nights Photography.  We are always up for the challenge of creating something new and exciting.  Please check out more of our work in the Galleries section of our site.

How do I love extended family sessions?  Let me count the ways!  LOL Or, maybe I should count the heads…  LOL

Seriously, though, I do love being a Naperville family photographer, especially when it comes to extended family sessions.  Documenting the generations.  Witnessing the relationships.  Fostering the connection of cousins, and sharing in the laughter of grandchildren.  It can be daunting to photograph such a large group, but I really love getting everyone together and then all the different breakouts within a large family.  What was great about this family, is I had photographed two of the subset families before.  Thank you to them for bringing me the entire clan!

Stairs are a great way to pose a large group like this.  It was a gorgeous day!

Naperville family photographer


All you need is just a few stairs to create levels and be able to get close enough to everyone.

extended family


I always love getting all the grand kids and great grand kids together with the matriarch of this lovely family.

Hinsdale family photographer



Navy and white make for a great color scheme.  This was one family subset with a bunch of little stinkers.

Plainfield photographer


And nothing pops against yellow better than blues!  I love this yellow couch and how everyone looks gathered around it.

Burr Ridge photographer


Then we had to celebrate the woman who made this all possible with a beautiful picture of just her.  She joked that the family could use it at her funeral.  She had plenty of spunk, that’s for sure!

Chicago extended family photographer


The next time you have all the extended family together, why not have a photographer capture the moment with timeless pictures?  Firefly Nights is a Naperville photographer ready for whatever needs you have when photographing your family…well, not weddings.  I don’t touch those. LOL  But anything else, give us a call!  Granted, you might want to wait till it warms up if you want something outdoors, but we also have a lovely studio if you don’t!

As a child, there was nothing I loved more than unicorns.  They will always hold a special place in my heart.  And I am immensely jealous that I didn’t have the same opportunity as I am able to give other little girls to get to meet a real life unicorn!  These unicorn sessions are a fantastical experience for all.  While I obviously create a fantasy image, the unicorn is there, and those girls got to really see her in person.  We do these unicorn mini sessions only one time per year in the spring.  Don’t worry, we will be announcing our 2019 sessions soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the highlights from last year’s unicorn sessions.

For some of these, I wanted to create a magical scene that is almost a painting.  This girl’s hair was just like a princess!

Naperville unicorn photographer



This girl was so very excited when she first met our unicorn.  Her excitement was the exactly the reason I love to do these sessions.

unicorn photography



Ok, this next one was seriously one of my favorites.  This little princess was IN LOVE with our unicorn.  And I think the feeling was mutual.

Downers Grove unicorn photographer



It was an incredibly windy day, but this girl was a natural as she rode the unicorn.  A true princess with her castle behind her.

Burr Ridge unicorn photographer


We wanted something more realistic for these sisters.

Wheaton unicorn photography



This sweetie came two years ago for her first unicorn session and repeated it this year.  I think I loved the pictures even more the second time around!

Plainfield unicorn session



What’s a girl to do on such a beautiful day?  Just sit around in a field of flowers while her beloved unicorn looks over her.

Oak Brook photographer



This next year wanted more of a Harry Potter feel, capturing a unicorn in the forbidden forest.

Elmhurst unicorn photography



I love when they wear amazing dresses to go along with an amazing session!

Oswego unicorn photography


What is better than cuddling a unicorn, I ask you?

Aurora unicorn photography



These sisters giggled, enchanted to meet this magical beast.

Chicago unicorn photographer


And one last one from the day – a painting of sorts.


If you are interested in a unicorn session, we should be announcing the sign up at the end of February.