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Athlete Mini Sessions

Its time again for our dynamic Athlete Mini sessions thru the end of March! Athlete pictures is one of my signature skills, having won international competitions with them 7 times! There is a $100 scheduling fee that rolls into the eventual order. I make a gallery of around 7-10images or so images from different poses, etc. Then you choose what you want to order. I recommend checking out my Athlete Gallery on my site to see more of my work to get an idea of what I do.

There is no age limit for these minis - bring on the athletic moms and dads, as well!!


Special Needs Minis

Its time for our 12th annual celebration of special needs families with significantly discounted pricing! We do these every April in honor of Autism Awareness Month, though this is for ALL special needs families. We are hosting in studio sessions on April 14th and outdoor minis on April 27th. There is a $50 session fee for these sessions and no minimum order requirement. Please note that we welcome families and siblings for these sessions (and dogs for outdoor day).





Studio Family Minis

This is a first! I'm offering family mini sessions during the cold months! These are in studio only. These 15 minute sessions allow for getting a couple of beautiful family pictures, along with some sibling and individual pictures. There is a $50 session fee. These are running through April.


Super Hero Minis

I am also offering a Super Hero mini session as part of my fantasy minis (the others will be announced later). Because there are too many different super heroes, I will be creating individual background digitally. For the Super Hero sessions, there is a $75 creative fee and no minimum order requirement. These will be offered thru April. Please share with any friends with kids who might be interested!


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